A comparison between Canadian and Spanish television.


Television, a form of media that came up around the 1900´s and that has been changing trough all this time. Nowadays, the phenomenon of watching TV on channels like it has been done in the past it is becoming less and less usual, most part of the people, above all, teenagers, are watching their content on-line, either trough the Internet or apps like Netflix.

I admit that recently I watch my content on-line as well, mainly because I can choose whatever I want to see, whenever I want to see it and however. It gives me all this options that I would not have if I watch it off-line.

TV has formed a big part of my life since I was born until now, when I was a kid I used to watch it and learn different things, for example in Sesame Street, and now I still watching TV as part of my usual routine.


The purpose of most part of the content of Spanish Tv is entertain the audience and not to educate them. Spanish TV is full of variety but the most usual format are series. There are every single type of series and some are imported from another countries, such as USA or Mexico. I personally watch a lot of series, I rather see series than movies due to the fact that the movies end at the final but the series can continue as long as they want. I usually like to watch comedies or adventure series. The movies or films that are made in Spain in general are comedies, the most famous ones are based on normal people and they tell their bizarre and funny lifestyles.

Talking about quizzes or game shows, they are usually a copy of the north american ones but taking place in Spain. I usually like to watch them but only if I am watching TV with somebody because you can interact with the other person easily. Recently, in Spain, realities are becoming more and more popular, following the north american flow as well.

The Spanish television does not usually have a lot of ads and commercials. Some channels have even got rid of them.

In Spain, there are a lot of different channels but all of them belong to a few and big companies (see examples below).


Canadian TV has a bunch of differences with the Spanish one, the content is totally different, even though it is full of variety, Canadian TV has less series and more realities, which I think it is due to the north american flow. Normally Canadian TV has the same purpose that the Spanish one, is more focused on entertain than in educate.

One thing that I like about it is that they use original content, or if not, american stuff. Another difference that I find is that the format that they use is more serious and formal than the Spanish format.

I think Canadian TV has a lot of ads whereas Spain does not have that much. In the aspect in how Canadians watch TV, here the people watch more on-line stuff, in spite of their age. Children, adults and even old people watch TV trough internet or Netflix, in Spain it is a phenomenon that is becoming more and more usual, but right now you can only see it on teenagers. Adults usually watch TV trough the actual TV, it is unusual to find them watching it on-line