Electrostatics Of A Photocopier

By: Platon Capetanakis

How It Works?

A photocopier uses an electrostatic charge to make a photo copy. When you place the sheet of paper onto the glass plate, The image of the page is copied onto positively charged drum. The drum that the image is now on has a special coating that conducts electricity when light is shined on it. The special parts of the drum which are lit by the image loose their electrostatic charge when they start to conduct with each other. There is a black powder called toner that is that s negatively charged and is attracted to the positively charged parts of the drum. The drum rotates and rolls against a piece of blank paper due to the attraction of the positively charged drum and the negatively charged toner. The toner is transferred from its original spot in the drum to the paper projecting a black and white image of the original copy that was scanned. After this process the page is heated making the toner stick to the page.
Revolutionary Copier Prints Using Erasable Toner #DigInfo