Tropical Rain Forest

Taylor Richardson & Deja Edwards

Types of animals?

There are multiple types of animals of a tropical rain forest. There are also different types of plants. The types of animals are a snake, monkey, leopard and a parrot. The types of plants are broad leaved plants, bamboos and ferns.
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The population of the tropical rainforest varies from animals and plants. As far as animals, its the marbled cat, a lizard, Katydid. As far as plants, in the upper canopy is orchids and bromeliads.
Tropical Rainforest [Biome]


The community interactions of the tropical rainforest is competition, predation, mutualism, commensalism, parasitism. For competition, the Cassowary and Toucan both eat fruits and nuts. Predation, giant ant eaters and ants use their powerful claws to tear open the nest. Mutualism, the Agouti and Brazil Nut Tree helps spread the seeds of the Brazilian nut tree for the next generation. Commensalism, green algae and sloths, with the sloth being slow it makes it hard to escape predators. Green algae camouflages into the environment. Parasitism, the Strangler Fig and The Tree, the Strangler Fig dwell on nutrients of its host tree due to the competition of light in the rainforest.
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Tropical Rainforest

Producer, Consumer & Decomposer?

Producer: any plant that manufactures food by photosynthesis.

Consumer: eat producers and other animals

Decomposer: break down dead organisms and make their materials available to others.

Autotroph and Heteotrophs?

Plants that convert sunlight into energy through photosynthesis are classic autotrophs, and due to the moist, warm climate a huge diversity of plants are found in tropical rainforests. Heterotrophs in a rainforest include mammals such as primates, sloths and jaguars, as well as many species of reptiles and amphibians.

Animals and Plants in Tropical Rainforest

Abiotic and Biotic?

Abiotic factors of the rainforest includes soil, water, rocks, light and climate. Biotic features include rubber and bamboo trees, sloths and anteaters.

Source of Energy and Organsims?

The organisms of a tropical rainforest is populated with insects such as butterflies, beetles, spider, ticks and worms. The source of energy is the sun and water. The animals live off of one another and the sun undergoes the process of photosynthesis and the food get made from that. They drink water for their energy .
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