Dr. Brooks' Rock N Rollers


Our one and only fundraiser is in progress!

Students are spreading the news of our Chick-fil-a calendar sale by being guest reporters on the morning news show at Mitchell Road Elementary School. We like to see ourselves and our classmates on the TV at school!

Allergy and Cold Season

Allergies and colds are "in season" now. Please do not send students to school who have been running a fever or showing signs of a cold. Let's keep our classroom and classmates as germ free as much as possible.

The teachers sanitize and clean the classroom furniture and materials daily and sometimes more than once each school day. We are also instructing students to cough and sneeze into their hand or arm so practice that at all times at home as well to help form that good habit.

While consistent attendance at school is important, it is not as important as keeping our fragile students healthy. Thanks for your vigilant attention to everyone's health needs! It does make a difference.