All About Desert.

Ecosystem Description

The desert is about 110 f during the day and 43 c during the night. Most deserts have a wild winter it is hot in winter in China and in California it is as hot is 73.c in summer and in winter it is about 30-40 f the African desert is the largest desert It covers 3,500,000 yards.

The Tiny Kangaroo Rat

It gets its name from his leg's like a Kangaroo.

The Kit Fox

It is a member of the dog family and the smallest. It eats rats and lives in the American desert.

The Armadillo

Has a hard shell and can be played as a music instrument. It lives in the western United States. It eats dirty twigs.

The Gila

Is a pointy bush that you can find it in the American desert. It does not need a lot of water it can grow as big as a branch.


Is yellow it mostly lives in the sand it needs a lot of water it almost lives in every desert and lives in rocks and dirt.


It is as fuzzy as a teddy bear it is brown and black color and lives in the American desert on the top it is fuzzy.

Interesting Facts

Did you now that the armadillo can be played was a musical instrument? Did you now that the desert cover 8 percent of the earth? Did you know that people race their cars across the desert sand? Did you now that the desert gets 25 drops of rain each year?

Human Impact

People use too many desert resources and make the desert warmer and warmer. Farmers sometimes graze their livestock on the edge of the desert. People cut down trees and dig wells and take away from the the animals that help the desert.