The Panther Press

February 2018

PVMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a rigorous, world-class education which inspires students to become active, compassionate, and collaborative lifelong learners who understand and respect other people and their differences.

Learner Profile of the Month: Caring

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As a PVMS Family, we focus on a different Learner Profile (a trait that we strive to display to become the best people possible) every month. For February, we are focusing on being Caring. We are Caring when we show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feeling of others and we act to make a positive difference in the lives of others. PVMS staff members have pink #IBSTRONG tickets that they are giving out throughout the month to students who are displaying that they are Caring. Teachers will also be choosing students for “Student of the Month” who are an example to others in exemplifying that they are Caring. We encourage students to wear pink on Fridays during February to represent our Learner Profile of the month.

You will see signs displaying the Learner Profiles throughout the school. The profiles are also posted above the white board in each classroom. Teachers have a second set of magnetic Learner Profiles that will make it easier to highlight which Profiles are relevant to the current classroom activity.

January Reflective Students of the Month

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Design in Music Classes

Our music students have completed their first Design project. As you can see from the pictures below, it was an absolute success! Students studied about music and musical instruments from around the world and were then challenged to create their own functional musical instrument. This idea is inspired by a music group that has created instruments made from recycled materials and garbage. You can see the youtube video here.

Year 3 Yearbook Dedication Pages

Do you want to dedicate a page in the yearbook to your Year 3 student? Contact Ms. Fromm at!

Articulation Timeline

We have many events scheduled over the next few months for articulation. Please keep in mind that these dates are in draft format and are subject to change.

Year 3 students and parents:

Grade level meetings for Year 3 teachers and students regarding high school registration:

  • 1/29- Mrs. Gourley's classes
  • 1/31- Mr. Weaver's classes
  • 2/6- Mrs. Buckalew's classes

Land O' Lakes High School Information Session

  • 2/7 from 5:30-7pm. See the flyer below

Academy tours:

  • 2/15: 9:45-1:15 Wesley Chapel Automative Academy

Year 1 and 2 students and parents:

February 13: Course cards distribution in media

February 19: Signed course cards due

Incoming Year 1 (current 5th grade) students and parents:

Counselors visit feeder elementary schools

  • 2/5- Sanders Memorial Elementary School- Course cards due 2/9
  • 2/7- Pine View Elementary School- Course cards due 2/12
  • 2/9- Connerton Elementary School- Course cards due 2/13

Elementary Class of 2025 Pep Rally at PVMS

  • March 15th from 10:15-11:15

PVMS History Fair Winners!

The Individuals and Societies teachers are proud to present the winners of the PVMS History Fair! The following students will be moving forward to the county National History Day competition at Charles S. Rushe Middle School on Saturday, March 10th. Congratulations to the following Panthers:

Group Exhibits:

Tyler Bouffard, Logan Baisley and Elle Bouffard

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

Jadyn Spencer and Sydney Kunzweiler

The Sherman Silver Purchase Act’s Relation to Reality

Group Documentary:

Arossa Adhikary and Lily Jean

The Connecticut Compromise: The Building Blocks of Government


Lily Xu

The Pig War of 1895

Individual Website:

Hanna Holmes

Years of Blood: The French Wars of Religion

Shelsea Henriquez

The Fight for the Vote: The Formation of the National Association of Colored Women

PVMS School Science Fair Winners!

These are our PVMS science fair winners. Most of them will be competing in the district competition Saturday, February 10th. Congratulations, Panthers! #IBThinkers

Madison Bauman

Erica Conroy

Andrew Domonkos

Dante Faria & Jackson Richardson

Seth Mooney

Zoe Quigley

Nolan Ray & Andrew Dunn

William Shelton

Lily Walsh

Jayden Whitman

Lilly Xu

All County and All State Musicians

Mrs. Richardson is proud to announce the following Panthers for being chosen to represent Pine View Middle School in the All County/State Band and Chorus! We are proud of your fantastic accomplishments!

All State Band:
Lilly Xu, Clarinet

All County Band:
Haley Hodges, Flute
Lilly Xu, Clarinet
Theodore Spiegel, Trumpet
Julian Jimenez, Trumpet
Logan Fischler, Percussion

All County Chorus:

Tabitha Vinson-Soprano 2

Erin Roberts-Alto

Emma VanHook-Alto

Dayanne Lopez-Alto

Evelyn Rodriguez-Alto

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The stork has come to PVMS!

We are so happy for three of our staff members, Mrs. Mackling, our school nurse, Mrs. Steiner, Visual Arts and Mrs. Szymanski, Sciences who are all out on maternity leave. Congratulations to you all!

We're lucky to have fantastic teachers filling their shoes:

Jill Freiji is a school nurse who will be covering in Mrs. Mackling's absence. If you have filled out a healthy school form, due to this personnel change the healthy student program at Pine View Middle School has been suspended for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year.

Mrs. Findlay is a teacher who has not let her love of teaching wane- even in retirement! Our visual arts students will have the benefits of her expertise for the remainder of the school year.

Mrs. Wilkinson has been at Pine View Middle since the start of the school year teaching Year 1 Individuals and Societies while Mrs. Keyser was on maternity leave. We are so happy to have her now teaching Year 2 Sciences for the remainder of the school year!

The Road to Become an IB World School

PVMS applied to be a Candidate School in April of 2015 and was approved the following month. Because we are a Candidate School, we are authorized to implement the Middle Years Programme until we apply to become an authorized World School, which we are doing this school year. Candidate schools make consistent steps over time toward the ultimate goal of becoming an IB World School. Every candidate school is assigned an IB consultant, and ours visited PVMS at the beginning of October for a preauthorization visit. She determined that PVMS is ready to apply to become an authorized school, and we submitted our application on October 16th. In the spring of 2018, a team of professionals from the IB will visit PVMS to determine that we have met all the requirements needed to become an IB World School. We should receive an answer shortly after the team from the IB visits the school. If you have any questions about this process, or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact our MYP Coordinator, Becky Cardinale at

After school tutoring available!

After school tutoring is available Monday through Thursday until 4pm in Lab 911. If your student needs extra assistance please have them see Mrs. Cruz in Room 911 for a permission slip.

Support our Supporters!

A HUGE thank you to our local businesses that support us. If you own a business or know of one who would like to support our school, please contact Becky Cardinale.

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel: Thank you for sponsoring our Panther Pride program!

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union: Thank you for sponsoring out Student Shout Outs!