Henry Ford

what would you do with out cars?

Early life and childhood

Henry was born July 30th,1863, in wayne michigan.Henry had a wife named clara Ala Bryant and a son named edsel.Henry died of a hernorrhage on April 7,1947,at the age of 83.


When Henry was young he wanted to do something in his life.What did he want you might ask?Henry was just a young man and he wanted to build his first car,but when he build his first car it was not a big susses,but on his second car he became most knowed for the car.
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Important Events

  • July 30,1836 Henry was born.
  • In 1888 he got married to Clara Ala Bryant.
  • In 1893 his son was born.
  • In 1896 he builds his first car.
  • In 1903 he starts the ford motor company.
  • April 7,1947 he dies.

Fun Facts

  • When he was a young man,ford repaired watches for his friends and family-and he made his own tools to do it he used a filed shingle nail as a screwdriver and a corset stay as tweezers.
  • In 1926,Heny brought the redstone school sterling Massachuseet,ford claimed that the school house was the one menitioned in nursery rhyme "Marry had a little lamb",and moved the buliding to his property in sudbury.
  • During war 1,ford tried his hand in the aviation business and started the ford airplane company. The u.s centennial of flight commission recognized ford as a pioneer of avation in 2002,but the ford airplane divison shunt down in 1933 due to lackluster sales.


Henry was agood man because wihtout Henry it would be hard for many pepole to get around.I thank Henry for every thing that he has done to help our world.