How Does Color Affect Memory?

Giulia Varona / Lucía Valentín / 3 ESO C


If the date is written a significant color of the fact that it has happened, is it easier to memorize that date?


I think that people agree is more than dates, not by color that is written to date, if not it depends if that person has more easily or not to memorize facts i dates, also depends on the amount of things you have to memorize.

If such a person is not given well memorize dates, you won't have the same facility that has a person who does not have trouble memorizing these.

Background Research

My first search is about the meaning of the colors. I search the meaning of differents colors as yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, and black, because in the targets that have a definitive color, we need to have a reason to put this color.

Red: Danger, war, energy, passion, love, exitació, power, angry.

Yellow: Happiness, confidence, optimism, intelligence, friends.

Blue: Cold, stable, peace, truth, peace, trust, security, peace of mind, depression, mentally unstable.

Purple: Nobility, wealth, luxury, mystery, dignity, arrogancia, creatu.

Orange: Enthusiasm, happiness, adventure, creative, pessimistic.

Green: Nature, good luck, medicine, balance, meets.

Black: Power, elegance, formal, death, mystery, fear, loyal, sophisticated, most pessimistic, sad.

Pink: Compassion, honey, sweet, feminine, physically weak, very careful.

My second search is about the differents dates of differents years to put in the differents targets.

-14 March 1879: Birth of Albert Einstein.

-1775-1783: American war of independence.

-January 27, 2001: Dies the last Queen of Italy.

-June 4, 1983: the Italian national team won the European Basketball Championship.

-August 6, 1965: HELP! the disc of Beatles.

-16-17 December 1835: great fire of New York.

-October 22, 2009: windows 7 comes out.

-July 21, 1983: registering the lowest temperature ever (Antarctic).

-1842-1846: discovery of the anetesia .

-March 2, 1995: when is to created the company Yahoo!.

-July 21, 1960: the first woman in the world que and Prime Minister.



The particular color, the datas were of a color that was related to what happened on that day. In the main search I searched the different meanings of the colors to know that represent and well see the color that best determined that fact.

The volunteers, had the infinity of time to study all the datas to later make later a review of 7 questions, where wonder different things on different historical facts.

Finally, the next day to make this test, without looking at the cards with the dates, make another review a little easier where there are 5 questions.

The experiment consisted in that a group of volunteers, each, consider 11 different historical facts.There are three different groups.

The voluntaries have a mix of the questions, a little questions of the color black, a little more of the questions of definitive colors, and the other questions of the colors with ot definitive color.

The final goal, is to see if the voluntiers give a right answer or if the color of the dates is useless.


In the graph of the results we can observe that the results of the right questions, all volunteers least one exceed 50% in questions correct. Where the majority is between the 50 and the 75%.

In the graph of the correct colors, represent the colors that have been successful depends on the number of colors that tapeworms that point, that this depended of the group that the volunteer had to study, because each group had some different events where the data had a particular color. The majority of volunteers, have a percentage of correct responses from less than 25%, three volunteers who are between 25 and 50% and finally, three volunteers who have between 75 and 100% of hits.


Where we showed that my hypothesis was not entirely true, there are people that will better than the dates are in a particular color, where you leave high percentages of success at the time of the questions and the colors, as the volunteer number 6, 14 and 15. And other people who do not look directly the colors of written like this, and their percentage is higher than 50%, as is the case of volunteers 1, 4, 5, and the number 9.

And finally there are people that the color helps you in some questions more difficult to study, and their percentages are more or less the median of all volunteers.