March 20

Please Wear Layers

Just after we had beautiful 80 degree weather, we now have "Popsicle Weather!" Brrrr! They haven't had our heat on since it turned warm so, I'm not sure how warm the classroom will be first thing in the morning. Please consider having your child to wear layers. Please also send a coat in the event it warms up enough to go outside for recess.

Continued Sickness

Sickness continues to go through the school....and through our classroom. We have had children diagnosed with the stomach bug, fevers, the flu, strep throat, and scarlet fever.

Please refer to the sickness information sent home recently in your child's notebook as to when children should remain at home so as not to spread sickness to others. Please also be sure to send in notes in your child's notebook when he/she returns to school after any absence.