What Can Your Doc Cam Do?

Aver Doc Cam & Sphere Software

You already know that your doc cam works by clicking on the Sphere icon on your desktop. That same spoftware though allows you to do much more with your doc cam!

Change your Settings!

Be sure to go in and change your settings so you can find your pictures and video after you record them! Click on the red Sphere name in the VERY top left corner and choose Settings. Then change the file path for both images and video.

Oh the Possibilities

With the Sphere Software and Aver Doc Cam you can:

  • take still images of what is under your doc cam
  • make video recordings of you working under the web cam
  • make video screen recordings
  • annotate and draw on the image from the doc cam
  • put your doc cam feed side by side with images (think about exporting PPT or Google slides as images)
  • Annotate on a whiteboard with a drawing pen

See it in Action!