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4. PARCC Grade 6-7 Math Computer-Based Assessment Tutorial (22 questions) http://epat-parcc.testnav.com/client/index.html#login?username=Math_6-7_ST&password=Practice

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Powerlines 1

Hands-on-Equations Lesson 3 video

Hands-on-Equations Lesson 4 Video

Hands-on-Equations Lessons 5 & 6 Video

Hands-on-Equations Another video

Comparing Fractions with <>=

Estimate with Decimals

Even more ISAT practice questions

Yes, there are more ISAT practice questions

The last of the ISAT practice options

More ISAT Practice Questions

Printable Whole Number Subtraction Worksheets

Make-Your-Own Subtraction Practice Worksheets

Multiplication Games for Practice

Make-Your-Own Multiplication Practice Worksheets

Game #4- Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions - Countdown, Give Me Time & 20 Questions Games

Cool Math Multiplication Practice

Make-Your-Own Addition Practice Worksheets

Practice your math skills

Integer Addition Blocks

Algebra Equation Game

Spooky Sequences - Find the Missing Numbers

Probability, Odds, Tree Diagram Jeopardy

Probability Review Jeopardy Game #2

Probability Jeopardy Review Game #3

Independent and dependent event practice questions

10 Probability Practice Questions

Course 1: Core 1 & 2 - Online Practice Quizzes, Homework Video Tutors, etc.

Course 2: Core 3 & 4 - Online Practice Quizzes, Homework Video Tutors, etc.

Hands-on-Equations Basics video

Printable Whole Number Multiplication Worksheets

Game #5- Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Game #6 - Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Dividing Mixed Numbers Practice

Multiplying and Dividing with Fractions Jeopardy

Multiplication & Division with Fractions Quia Game

Dividing Fractions Game

Multiplication & Division Using Fractions Practice

Fraction Division Soccer Game

Practice Quiz: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions & Mixed Numbers

Fraction Multiplication Soccer Game

IXL Math Website


Make-your-own decimal multiplication worksheets

Make-your-own decimal addition worksheets

Make-your-own decimal subtraction worksheets

Printable Long Division Worksheets

Cool Math - Long Division

Lesson reviews, practice and games

Make your own decimal division worksheets

Math Magic

Timed practice of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Speed Grid Multiplication

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Game - Math Splat

Adding and Subtracting Mixed Number Practice Problems

Adding and Subtracting Mixed Number Word Problems

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Game - Jamit

Subtracting Fractions Matching Game

Adding and Subtracting Fractions-Lesson, Examples, Problems To Try

Equivalent Fractions Lesson and Practice

Targeting Equivalent Fractions Game

Equivalent Fractions Game

Fractions in Simplest Form

Equivalent Fractions Quiz - Quiz yourself

Timed Equivalent Fraction Game-Compare Your Score With Classmates!

Equivalent Fractions Level 1 Game

Equivalent Fractions Level 2 Game

Which is NOT equivalent?

Game #1 -Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions - can change the level of difficulty

Game #2- Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions - Visual Models

Game #3- Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions - answers must be reduced to count as being correct

Powerlines 2 (must complete Powerlines 1 first)

Powerlines 3 (must complete Powerlines 2 first)

Mystery Picture Fraction Game

Hexagon Sums Puzzles

24 - math game with number cards

Ghost Blasters - Addition

Ghost Blasters - Subtraction

Broken Calculator Game - Fun!

The Nim Number Game

Dirt Bike Proportions

Algebra Challenge - Beach Buttons

Slot Machine Multiplication

Homer's Donut Coordinates

Integer Football

Math Magician Games

Multiplication Speed Grid Challenge

Banana Hunt - Practice Degrees of an Angle

Place Value Game - create the largest possible number from the given digits

Math Magician

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and facts by number


3. PARCC Grade 6-7 Math Computer-Based Assessment Tutorial (22 questions) http://epat-parcc.testnav.com/client/index.html#login?username=Math_6-7_ST&password=Practice

4. Math PARCC PBA Practice Test - Grade 5 (16 questions) http://epat-parcc.testnav.com/client/index.html#login?username=15MT05PTEO&password=Practice

5. Math PARCC Practice Test - Elementary - Grades 3-5 (17 questions) http://epat-parcc.testnav.com/client/index.html#login?username=PARCC_35&password=PARCC_35