Character Traits & Vocab Review

What Are Your Distinguishing Traits?

Today you will focus on character traits and what traits distinguish you. Next you will complete a vocabulary quiz to check your understanding of terms you have learned in the past few modules.

Your first assignments are to complete today are 4A.9 (Character Traits -read) and 4A.10 (Character Inventory Survey) . We all have traits - some good and some bad. Think about your traits. What type of traits distinguish you and set you apart from others? In today's reading assignment, review some of the traits we should all exhibit - such as trustworthiness and respect. Next, read your assignment and browse through the quizlet of sample character traits you think distinguish you. Now what?

  1. Choose 5 traits and put them in order of importance to you.
  2. Choose 1 trait and define it.
  3. List 5 characteristics or facts about this trait.
  4. Describe how you show the trait and explain why.
  5. Include your sources.

This assignment will help you reflect on how others perceive you and what you think of this perception.

Next you move to Module 4B. In this module you will continue to focus on your educational environment. We will look specifically at your attitude and how it affects your outlook and the people around you. Your attitude also plays a major part in your ability to succeed.

  • Module 4B.1 Vocabulary Review – This assignment gives you a chance to complete a mobile activity using your phone. This is not required, but allows you to learn how to use your phone for education!
  • Module 4B.1 Vocabulary Quiz – The next assignment is a quiz. The quiz is required. This quiz will test your understanding of some of the terms we have discussed. You have a chance to take the quiz up to 3 times. Do your best!

Inform - Notes to Remember!


  • Module 4A and 4B are due 7/13/14 - Sunday Night (midnight) for full credit. Module 3A and 3B are available for late credit at 90%.
  • Check your grades and feedback!
  • The Getting Started Module through Module 2B have closed. Remediation assignments are available for closed modules! You can replace 0's or failing grades in closed modules by completing the remediation replacement assignment and bring the grade up to an 80!
  • Remember to complete the Academic Integrity Quiz to access your assignments if you can't see them. This quiz is located on the main page of the course.
  • The last day of the course is 8/8/14 - only 1 month away.
  • Use proper capitalization and spelling in your discussion forum posts (no text talk) in order to receive full credit.
  • Feedback for discussion forums are found in the forums themselves. Remember to follow the rubric to get full credit.
  • If you are behind in your assignments, catch up quickly!
  • Make sure you log in daily, Monday through Friday and read your announcements, messages and submit your daily assignments.

Celebrations -- Today I want to celebrate all students who earned an A or B on their progress report last night!

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