Flint's water crisis

The water in Flint, Michigan is effecting the whole U.S.

How did it start?

This started when the city decided to switch its water source to the flint river which is polluted and filled with trash. Even the locals say that nobody even fishes out of the river and if they do the throw it back. So when the city switched the water source nobody was happy. And now many are getting sick

What are the citizens doing about it

The citizens of Flint are holding strikes to try to get national attention and it has worked. In order to get the propel af the city the water they need people from all over the U.S. are sending over water to try to help. That water is helping but it is stil not quite enough for the whole city.

How is this related to social studies

I am going to relate this to the political side of social studies because if someone new wants to become president and they fixed this they could possibly be the one that everyone will vote for and then win. This is because it is a major problem and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.