JCMS Team 10

December 16 - 20

Schoolwide Information

December 19--End of Semester

January 7--First day of 2nd Semester

Language Arts

We have completed To Kill and Mockingbird and we are working on our final project! Students are presently crafting a 2-3 minute video documentary using the app WeVideo. They have completed all of the preparatory work, and will have four days of class to work. If we have a snow day, students will turn in the assignment the end of class on Wednesday. If we DO NOT have a snow day, students will turn in the assignment at the end of class on TUESDAY, as originally planned.

U.S. History

This week in U.S. History students took a vocabulary quiz and discovered what California was like during the Gold Rush. On Tuesday students participated in a Gold Rush simulation in the auditorium in which they searched for candy. Afterwards students research the Gold Rush through analyzing primary and secondary sources and then used that information to answer the question, "Was the Gold Rush good or bad for California?" in today's Cutthroat History.

Next week we will be participating in a week long "simulation" project (80% assignment) on the Oregon Trail. On Monday we will play the classic Oregon Trail video game. On Tuesday we will be build covered wagons and finish of your week by "traveling" on the Oregon Trail by completing stations.

Thank you for allowing me to teach your students this semester. I look forward to what next semester will bring for these students.


For the last week of school this semester, we are continuing our study of angle relationships.

Monday--Angles quiz

Tuesday--Interior angles of triangles

Wednesday--Angles of triangles practice & bingo words unscramble


There will be no homework assigned next week.

If you have any questions or concerns about math class, please email me at shannonjones@usd475.org.


This week we have been working on plate tectonics. The students have been learning about the effects of the different types of plate boundaries. They finished up a 3 day 80% assignment and have been taking notes the rest of the week. We had a make-up half day today in order to finish up missing assignments.
Next week we will be working on another 80% assignment that will take most of the week. That will be our last major assignment before break.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: nicholenay@usd475.org

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