Fungi as Decomposers

By: Brian Vargas

Fungi are Needed!

What Are fungi?


  • Belong to the Domain: Eukarya
  • They are multicellular mostly but can be unicellular
  • Are Eukaryotic
  • Are heterotrophic

The Role of Fungus in an Ecosystem

Fungi is a very essential organism in an ecosystem. They decompose dead organisms and return nutrients into the ground. When an animal dies, that dead body becomes food for decomposers. Fungi feed off this dead body, take the nutrients , and recycle it. They return these nutrients back into the soil, so then plants may use it.

Nutrients Returned

Every living life is composed of "organic" material. Organic means composed of carbon and hydrogen molecules. When an animal is dead, decomposers break that organic matter down to carbon dioxide and mineral forms of nutrients like nitrogen. So in reality, decomposers return carbon back into the ground. Plants then use the carbon to grow and in return give oxygen for animals, when an animal dies the cycle starts over.
Decomposing Fungi