WPMS Color FUNd Run & Walk

Woodland Park Middle School

UPDATE: Spectators Allowed

Great news! Spectators will be allowed at the Color FUNDrun & Walk Event! We will have a designated area for parents that want to watch.

WPMS Color FUNd-Run & Walk Celebration.

The 2021 Color Run & Walk is taking place on Tuesday, May 25. This special event is held during school hours. The event is a fun, non-competitive 20-minute walk, jog, run, or skip around the WPMS track in which participants are doused from head to toe in different colors (colors are non-toxic, skin friendly, and not harmful to the environment. Composition: Starch Powder & Calcium Carbonate-99.30%, Natural Perfumes-0.20%, Dyes-0.50%).

Students are encouraged to wear white for the event and bring a change of clothes for afterward. Fun white items will be available for purchase throughout the week. All students will receive a white bandana to decorate and wear for the event.

This year we are especially looking forward to the event. Our students and staff have experienced a challenging school year with covid-19. The Color Run & Walk will truly be a celebration of our hard work and accomplishments. We are excited to host this event with covid safety precautions in place. Sadly, we will not have parent volunteers this year.

Thank you for your continued support of WPMS!


Yvonne Goings, Principal

Erin Street, Assistant Principal

Special thanks to Jason Roshek for his generous donation towards our event!

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WPMS 2021 Color Run & Walk Schedule

For covid precautions, each grade level & cohort will have their own event.

See schedule below:


WPMS Color FUNd Run & Walk

Tuesday, May 25th, 10am-12pm

600 East Kelley's Road

Woodland Park, CO

Interested in donating?

  • 100% of funds support WPMS programming.
  • You may send Check or Cash in the Donation Envelope to the school office; make checks payable to "WPMS" and include Color Run in the memo.
  • OR, donate by Credit Card on the Woodland Park online:
  • Best to use a browser that is NOT Google Chrome. Sorry, for whatever reason Chrome has had issues with this process recently.
  • Go to www.wpsdk12.org and the 'Schools' dropdown to select Middle School homepage.
  • Then, under the 'Families' dropdown, select 'Donations' option.
  • Click that and a Donation window will open.
  • The Donation window is labeled, 'Give Now'
  • Select, WPMS Color Run.
  • From here, donors can sign-up to make recurring donations or simply enter in an amount for a 'One Time' donation.
  • BE SURE TO ENTER AMOUNTS IN ROUND DOLLARS ONLY. NO DECIMALS OR CENTS. For a $100 donation, simply enter 100...NOT 100.00. The tool does not recognize decimals and a 100 dollar donation could quickly turn into a $10,000 donation if one isn't careful.
  • Click 'Add Donation,' then the 'Next' button.
  • Then it's time to enter credit card or checking/savings account info.

Organizational Sponsorship

If you are are interested in having your business or organization sponsor, please consult your accountant regarding tax deductions. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. Contact us at: estreet@wpsdk12.org.

Thank you!

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