Grove City College Ed Major Day

December 2015 - Alumni Recap

Grove City Alumni: Check out the recap of our prospective Ed Major Day

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"Education is one of our sweet spots at Grove City College"

We started off the morning with a welcome from Grove City College's President, Paul McNulty. He shared information about Grove City College and spoke powerfully about the special calling of teaching.
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Our visitors appreciated the comments from our President:

"I was really impressed that President McNulty attended the event. I think it really speaks to the great work the Education Department is doing. I enjoyed hearing about his personal experiences with the Grove City College Education Department." - Parent of a prospective student

Prospective students joined current education majors and professors for a lunch in Rathburn Hall.

After lunch the prospective students and their families attended breakout sessions led by current Grove City students, faculty, and staff. Here are some highlights:

Education Major Fair

Faculty and students in the Education Department discussed the many different Education majors at Grove City College, services provided, and student clubs and organizations on campus. Click here to check out the updated list of education majors offered at Grove City College.
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Our many education organizations enjoyed sharing with students and families the many ways GCC education students are engaged in service and outreach. Here are some highlights.

    Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Alpha Chapter, The International Honor Society in Education. The purpose of KDP is to promote excellence in and recognize outstanding contributions to education. It endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship and growth and honor achievement in education work. Membership is open to all junior and senior Education majors who attain 3.15 and exhibit commendable personal qualities. GCC's KDP chapter has won the national Achieving Chapter Excellence Award consistently for many years.
    Lambda Epsilon Delta is the elementary honorary which recognizes juniors and seniors with a QPA of 3.15 or better. Grove City’s Gamma chapter of LED seeks to encourage a high degree of intellectual and professional standards during the period of preparation in the field of elementary education.
    GCC's council for exceptional children is a local chapter of the Pennsylvania unit of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). GCC's chapter seeks to advance the education of individuals with exceptional needs and to promote related educational, scientific, and charitable purposes.
    The purposes of the GCC Secondary Education Society are twofold: 1) to provide pre-service secondary education majors with opportunities for professional development and service that are specifically applicable to the educational interests of a secondary education major and 2) to unite secondary education majors across content areas and thereby create a sense of fellowship throughout the secondary education department at Grove City College.
    The purpose of FCE is to encourage Grove City College students to seek a Christian perspective in education and to provide an opportunity for those students to develop and understanding of Christian principles and ideas within this context. FCE provides a service for those interested in expanding their awareness of the place, function, and result of Christianity in the classroom.

Round Table Discussions

This session provided an opportunity for prospective students to engage in dialogue with our Education majors and learn about the unique experiences of Grove City College students. Some topics included:

  • International internships and summer teaching experiences
  • Students who attended and/or presented at conferences
  • What it is like to be a student-athlete, and other campus life activities
  • Edcamp GCC
  • Experiences with travel courses

Parents and prospective students shared that they really enjoyed discussing with our current students.

"Great having current students speak about their experiences"
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Overview of Education Courses

Dr. Sam Fecich led a session that helped prospective students understand what their classes in the Education Department would be like. Dr. Fecich and a team of GCC education students shared about the experiences that have helped them grow. Courses through the freshmen year all the way through student teaching were discussed highlighting meaningful projects and experiences.

Field Experiences within Education

As you remember, at Grove City College, we believe field experiences should begin early in an Education major’s studies and continue throughout their college career in preparation for the capstone student teaching experience. Students, along with faculty member Sue Dreves, explained how they put theory into practice as they work with fellow students and professionals in the field. What makes Grove City College unique is the spiraling of educational experiences.

  • Experiences start Freshman year -- getting into classes to observe classroom teachers.
  • In the Sophomore and Junior years students complete field experiences in their methods courses.
  • By the Senior year, our ed majors are prepared and excited for student teaching.
" I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the field experiences that Grove City has to offer. I liked how we got an opportunity to interact with current students."
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Education Career Services

Grove City College enjoys award-winning career services for students to explore career opportunities, summer programs and outstanding networking. As you know, education majors enjoy a specialized office catering specifically to Education careers. This session highlighted our comprehensive approach to career development for our Education majors and alumni. Click on the link below to keep up to date on our Education Career Services, and read profiles where some of our teachers are impacting students around the world.

Financial Aid

Potential students and families also had access to an information session about Grove City's financial aid opportunities. This session was led by the Director of Admissions, Sarah Gibbs.

Our final session featured two closing speakers: Ella Netzel '14, Multiple Disabilities Teacher, Hillview School, and Luke George, Middle Level Major '16

Ella spoke passionately about the value of all learners and shared moving video of her students overcoming multiple challenges to express their knowledge. It's a testament to the powerful education and relationships that Ella builds that her students (who are very vulnerable) had families who were eager for her to share their stories and her work with these amazing children. While we will not post her comments out of respect for the privacy of these families our alumni would be pleased to know the impact that Ella's comments had on our prospective students.
Our session closed with a current student, Luke George. Luke shared his own journey from prospective student to student teacher.

Luke George

Thank you GCC Alumni for your continued support of our program! Please feel welcome to share the highlights from our Ed Major Day with anyone considering the high calling of teaching.

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