Class Library Trip

Trip Date: Friday, April 8th

What's Happening?

Ms. Kempf's 8th Grade Language Arts Class will be going on a field trip to the Saint Joseph County Public Library's Main Branch in downtown South Bend. The trip will take place on Friday, April 8th. Students will be on the hunt for resources for their upcoming research paper!

Important Information for Parents:

Students will depart from Saint Joseph Grade School at 12:30 PM on the day of the trip (following their normal lunch period) and return to school at 2:30 PM. This means that no changes need to be made to your normal drop-off and pick-up routine.

There is no fee for this trip as there will be no bus charge and the public library is completely free. The Main Branch is located 0.8 miles from Saint Joseph Grade School's campus, approximately a 15 minute walk, so please advise your children to dress wisely according to the weather.

For more information on our county's library system, scan the QR code to the right or click on the orange button below!

St. Joseph County Public Library Website

Learn more about the St. Joseph County Library and it's multiple branches!

Guaranteed to be interactive and educational!

Mark your calendar!

Friday, Feb. 26th, 12:30-2:30pm

304 South Main Street

South Bend, IN