SSHS Library Newsletter

Summer Edition, 2019

Library at a Glance

The library checked out close to 4000 library books this year and over 9000 textbooks.

We also hosted more than 200 classes.

Thank you, all, for your on-going support of the SSHS Library program.


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Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Did you know that as SVUSD employees, you can get free access to Adobe Creative Cloud Suite beginning July 1? Just use your district credentials at You should receive an email about this as the date gets closer.
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Adobe Creative Cloud

The Creative Cloud Suite should give us access to all of these apps.

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Microsoft Enterprise

You can now get Microsoft Enterprise for free using your district credentials. Just go to to sign up. You may have up to 5 licenses for home computers.

TECH to CHECK This Summer

Google Slides - New Feature

Google Slides now offers native support for audio files. You can now insert audio into your Google Slide presentations. First, you will need to save the file onto your Google Drive. Then go to your slideshow, click on "File" and "Insert Audio". You will then be able to control the timing of the audio playback, looping, and location of the audio icon on any slide. You can even hide the audio and still have it play when you transition to a slide.

Google Sheets - New Feature

Did you know you can now add images into individual cells in Google Sheets. You can upload your own images, or you can use Internet images, icons, graphics, etc. It's a great way to add visual cues and resources for your visual learners. It's a wonderful way to easily and visually organize your information. Just select Insert-Image-Image in Cell. You can even do this on your mobile device and upload any image you have stored there.

Google Mail - New Feature

Scheduler - Gmail now makes it possible for you to schedule email to send any time you want. It is so handy to get an email ready when you have the time, and then have it sent precisely when you want it to get sent. Just compose your email; then click on the down arrow on the send button. Choose "Schedule send," pick a date and time, and voila!

Remove BG allows you to quickly and easily remove the background of images and icons. There does need to be a person, brand, or central item located foremost in the image, but then it works like a charm. I really enjoy adding transparent graphics to slideshows, worksheets, newsletters, etc. makes it so easy.

Summer BINGO

Please encourage your students to participate in our summer reading BINGO. Students can read books and win prizes. Let's encourage reading all-year-round.

Our Summer Plans:

Here are some of the Summer plans of our cosmopolitan staff.

  • Red-eye flight, June 7, traveling to London and Italy for 2-1/2 weeks
  • camping in the Redwoods with family for 1 week, visiting friends along the way.
  • over to the Cayman Islands for a week.
  • Camping with my dad, sis, and now my baby girl (who will be 24 this summer!) in Estes Park in the Rockies four days after school gets out
  • Annual trip to Western Nebraska to hang out with my dad and sis for a week over 4th of July week...will watch the fireworks from her giant deck out in the country:)
  • A week-long trip with my sis up to San Fran to hang out with our cousins on Treasure Island in the bay in what has become known as "cousin camp"
  • A second trip to SF with my guy to hang out with the cousins on Treasure Island for a few days
  • A few random camping trips planned with my guy over the summer
  • A wine tasting weekend with the baby daughter for her birthday
  • Trip to N. Carolina - Virginia - DC
  • Build a workbench and cabinets
  • Harvest tomatoes
  • Finish "Nerotribes:The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity"
  • road trip to Montana for a bike tour.
  • No plans, just nesting and growing a human :)
  • I will be working on my house!
  • We will Be going to Israel and Egypt for six weeks over the summer.
  • We are taking a group of 11 Santa Su students to London and Paris.
  • My family and I are going to Ireland
  • Going to visit family in Minnesota in July! Fishing, swimming, camping, on Minnesota's great lakes. Otherwise staying home with the family.
  • We are skipping our yearly summer European Cruise. The entire family is going to Portland to attend my daughter's graduation from Nursing School. She plans on specializing in the NICU area of the hospital as her daughter was born 3 months premature.
  • jury duty
  • my kids all pitched in for my birthday present to see my future husband Paul McCartney at Dodger Stadium in July.
  • For the summer I plan to resume my retirement. I will focus more time on making Rhône Style Red Wines. Much time will be devoted to spoiling my grandkids in Camarillo and San Diego. There will of course be mandatory, long, daily walks with my dog.
  • join the kids and grandkids at Sequoia National Park in June, and in July at Yosemite. There is some talk of going to New York to see a performance of "To Kill a Mockingbird." What a great way to blow some of the big bucks I got for doing the long term sub assignment. On another front we plan to keep on not winning the lottery twice a week.
  • My summer plans begin June 8th. My wife and I are driving across country, our first destination is Lafayette, Indiana to visit friends, then onto Niagara Falls with those friends.
  • traveling to Chesapeake, Virginia to visit my wife's daughter and family, then we'll return home by June 23rd, just in time for summer school to begin. Two weeks pulling our trailer, nearly 7K miles. We're going to need a vacation from our vacation.
  • I believe I am going on a cruise to Alaska! (Haven't booked yet but should by the end of the week)...
  • I have no plans but to stay home, clean, organize, hike w/dogs, and go to the beach.
  • Summer school
  • Back to NY for my sister's wedding
  • Trips around the area (San Diego, National Parks, etc.)
  • I will work to get caught reading. I've got some books I want to catch up on.

Got to get through Infinite Jest!

  • Teaching summer school at Royal, spending time with our grandson (and my grown children)
  • We are breaking the trailer out of cobwebs and mothballs to camp with family
  • I am planning on taking a few short trips mostly centered around golf (my outside passion).
  • My wife and I are going to Lake Tahoe to visit my son and daughter in law, going to Paso Robles for Wine Tasting and Olive Oil (my wife knows about this, I am clueless but going along for the fun)
  • going to a three day golf school at Aviara in Carlsbad and going to Whistler BC for a week of golf, tennis, hiking etc.
  • My summer plan is to find a place to live! and travel to France and/or Italy.
  • Recover
  • I am teaching summer school
  • I leave early to vacation in Paris with my 2 graduated kids - both graduated this year - and the rest of my whole family, including the ones who live in France).
  • I will be teaching summer school for the first time ever
  • taking my kids to camps, taking care of my 16 year old Choc Lab and making sure my husband isn't slacking on his "Honey Do" list!
  • We will be building a tiny house, to sell, as a summer project (yes, like you see on HGTV.) We'll also be pulling our teardrop trailer on a road trip throughout Oregon with our friends!
  • This summer we will be camping as often as possible, visiting family and friends on the East Coast, taking our daughter to Anime Expo, lots of house projects, and enjoying having our son home for the summer. :-)
  • I will be going to Portland, Seattle, Reno, Las Vegas, San Diego to see the Padres and El Capitan for a few days of beach camping.
  • We will be working on the house and spending time with our kids and grandkids. We, too, will be at the Paul McCartney concert in July. We saw McCartney the last time he performed at Dodger Stadium. #bestconcertever

I can hardly wait to hear about all of these fabulous vacations. Have a restful, rejuvenating summer, everyone. You are all AMAZING!

Melissa, Jerry, Katrin, Denise, Concetta, and Trinh: You will all be truly missed. Good luck in your new adventures.