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March 23, 2020

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MPH Virtual e-Poster Showcase

This semester’s poster session has been replaced by a Virtual e-Poster Showcase that will go live on April 30th. the MPH Virtual e-Poster Showcase will be launched online and audiences will be able to visit the site to view and comment on student presentations. In lieu of the in-person event, the student will be required to submit the following:

1. An abstract that is no more than 250 words in length and contains the following: -

  • a. Purpose-a few sentences explaining why you studied this topic and its relevance to public health.
  • b. Methods-a few sentences outlining the methods you used to conduct your research. May include research design, data collection methods, process or analysis.
  • c. Results- the findings of your study.
  • d. Interpretation-a discussion of your results. What your results mean.
  • e. Conclusion-a final sentence that explains the significance of your findings.

2. A pre-recorded video file of your e-Poster Presentation -

  • a. Create your e-Poster by following the instructions below.
  • b. Create a short video to accompany your poster. The video should highlight the Significant parts of the e-Poster that you also detail in your abstract.
  • c. You may film just the poster with your audio or include yourself in the video. If you include yourself, please make sure that your e-Poster is legible and is the primary focus on your screen. While recording, do not try to adjust the images or change the primary focus. Keep the visual image the same throughout your recording.
  • d. Make sure that the content is clear and concise, that your audio can be heard, and that the e-Poster is legible. If you use multiple slides, time the slide presentation to be in sync with your audio.
  • e. When your recording is complete, upload the video file to the google drive or eLC Assignment Dropbox. You will receive instructions on the upload format and platforms via email, 2 weeks prior to the submission date.

Failure to submit all MPH Capstone products (including abstract and video file in the event of a Virtual e-Poster Showcase) will result in an ‘I’ Grade for PBHL 7800.

PBHL 7800


April 1 – May 15

ALL MPH students Graduating in Fall 2020. Signed Capstone proposals will be due NO LATER than May 15th at 5pm. You will not be cleared to register for PBHL 7800 until the proposal has been approved by a faculty member first, and the MPH program coordinator ( last. If you are unsure about this process, please download the capstone manual, read it, and then make an appointment to speak with your advisor prior to this deadline (you may begin discussions during course advising). Make sure all signatures are either PDF electronic signatures, scanned/emailed, OR include the approver in your email communication for a signature-free approval. Unsigned or unapproved proposals will not be accepted.

If you plan on graduating in Summer 2020 and have not yet submitted your summer proposal/registration, you must also do so by May 15th. These deadlines will not be extended.

Links to the Capstone Manual, the Proposal, as well as sample Capstones can be found on our website. To complete PDF forms you need the most current version of Adobe, which can be found on UGA’s vlab or any CPH computer lab. Problems with printing, saving, or completing the form are almost always an issue with the student using an outdated version of Adobe.

Graduate Student Emergency Fund

Graduate students with financial need, don't forget about the Graduate Student Emergency Fund, that has been generously supported by President Morehead. The application and review process have been streamlined in light of COVID-19, so that students have timely access to financial resources.

College of Public Health 2020 Mini-Grant Initiative

Topic: Research and Engagement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

The CPH Committee for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (CoDIE) is pleased to announce the 2020 Mini-Grant Initiative to support research and engagement on public health and social/environmental justice, or health inequities. The purpose of the mini-grant is to facilitate the conduct of a research project or a community service venture that addresses a public health problem that underrepresented or otherwise marginalized/underserved members of local communities confront.

LOCATION: Athens-Clarke County, University of Georgia, College of Public Health or surrounding areas

WHO: All CPH graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for this program. A team must consist of 3 to 6 students and include a CPH faculty advisor. The application should be submitted by the students and faculty advisor. At least 50% of the team should consist of graduate or undergraduate students from the College of Public Health. Interdisciplinary team efforts are encouraged.

WHEN: Proposals must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, March 27, 2020. The Committee will announce proposals selected for funding in April.

BUDGET: The budget can be up to $1,000. Funds can be used for participant incentive payments, food for events involving participants, equipment, supplies (e.g., print materials for recruitment), and other justifiable expenses. Budgets may also request software and hardware with prior approval from the faculty advisor, but all software and hardware will remain the property of the College of Public Health at the project’s completion. The budget cannot include support for travel or personal compensation (e.g., summer salary).

TIMELINE: Students must complete the project no later than March 31, 2021. Students who are graduating in December can propose a shorter project timeline. Timelines for completion should be included in the proposal. After completion, students will present their study at a CPH-sponsored poster session. Students are also highly encouraged to present their study and its results at the CPH Annual State of Public Health Conference or other relevant meetings.

Note: MPH students may submit this proposal as MPH Capstone proposals for Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. If multiple students plan to use the same project as their capstone, the literature reviews should be on different sub-topics related to the overall project, and the body of the work must be written independently, not by the group. The specific sub-topics should be approved by the students’ major professors.


1) Use 12-point font, single space, black letters, extra space between paragraphs.

2) Proposals cannot exceed 3 pages in length, inclusive of the project’s timeline, budget, and study team description. References can be provided on additional pages and are not counted against the page limit.

3) Study team description: For each student, provide the following information: name, 810/811 number, email, phone number, expected degree, expected concentration if applicable, and semester/year of expected graduation. For the faculty advisor, provide his or her name and email.

4) Submit one Word or PDF file to

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Name: Naomi Drexler, Doctor of Public Health Candidate

Dissertation: Persistent Sequelae of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Clinical Evidence, Cost, and Public Health Implications for Arizona Tribal Communities

Date & Time: 3/25/2020, 1:00PM

Location: Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 528 226 166

Name: Ruth Nabwire Wangia, PhD Candidate, Environmental Health

Dissertation: Mycotoxin Exposures in Children

Date & Time: 3/25/2020 at 2:30PM

Location: Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 910 631 8118

Meetings & Events

Zoom for Students

Student access for Zoom is available here:

Let's Do it--Public Health COVID-19 Hackathon

As public health professionals and stewards of the public’s health and wellbeing, the College of Public Health is called to serve our community and provide leadership and information that is grounded in the scientific evidence we have at hand. This extends to the training of our students. This event presents an opportunity to provide an invaluable experiential learning opportunity for our students to respond to a public health crisis in real time.

To that end, we are hosting a COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon beginning Wednesday, March 25th at 5 p.m. and ending on Friday, March 27th at 5 p.m. The hackathon’s aim is to produce meaningful public health education and preparedness information for Georgia.

The deliverables could be an infographic, a video for social media, a brief one-pager, an op-ed, a radio ad…get creative! CPH faculty and staff will be on hand to support you efforts.

You can sign up to work as individuals or in teams up to five people. Multidisciplinary teams are highly encouraged. All degree levels are welcome.

Find more information on the CPH Event page. Sign up HERE by Tuesday, March 24th at 5 p.m.

For questions, email Grace Bagwell Adams at

Student-led COVID19 Discussion

Please join CPH graduate students for a virtual discussion of the COVID-19 crisis. This informal meeting will be held via Zoom at 6:30PM, Tuesday March 24th. Zoom meeting ID: 484-058-787. This week we will hear from a family practice physician and discuss gerontology, health policy, and vaccine development. Please set up a free Zoom account prior to the meeting. Contact Emily Reeves ( with any questions.

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