Saudi Arabia Revolution

by steven vestre

Begining The Revolution

 If you are started a revolution again your government for thing then say what these problem are. For Saudi Arabia that the king has all the power and the people of the county have not power. Also they hide the people who are very poor from the world. People in Saudi Arabia were put in to jail for making film about how poor a lot of the people of Saudi Arabia are. With this idea you can get people to follow your idea.You most tell what the people well get if the follow you and your common cause

Get It Out There

 To get revolution started you get your ideas out there. Like get on a radio show or get idea on the intent to get people around the world to help in your revolution. With this you want to be careful want you do you can be kill or jail for this make sure it go through. Then you well people well believe in what your do and your revolution well start. There not trun back.

mid point (protesting)

After this you want show if your peaceful protest or well be violent. Your use peaceful way first then if you have to go use violent. With the peaceful with you would get large a mown of people and March through streets and show want you and the people should have. If it does come to a violent protesting then make sure you’re ready to fight to win your right or whatever you are protesting for. For the violent protest mean well die and might need military help from other county to win and get want you want and the people want.

After The Revolution.

You well have to decide what you are doing to do to keep if your county has a king or get rid of the king. For Saudi Arabia they have a king and if they were going to have a revolt again the king and if the get rid of what would they do to him. Would they kill or jail him. Or they could keep him and get rid of his power it the government Like Britain. If you get rid of the king comply what type of government well you have. A good type of government is democracy so ever one has the some right. With that you must get people to be the parties of the government. Then do what you would do to change the country.