Ancient Chinese Mythology

These are some Ancient Chinese mythology! :) By Mr.Kobayashi

Are there dragons in Chinese mythology?

The answer is yes. Usually, in Chinese mythology there are a lot of dragons. The difference between Western style dragons and Chinese style dragons is that the Western style dragons bring harm, death, famine, and tragedies. The Chinese style dragon brings fortune and good luck. Some Chinese emperors wear clothing that have dragons on them to protect their empire from nomadic invaders and raiders. Also thieves.

Dragons with yin and yang

Tale Of Four Dragons

The Chinese Gods and Kings

The Dragon King

The Dragon King is the king of all the seas (don't ask me why he is called the dragon king when he is king of the seas because I don't know). He can shape shift into a human to help humans. He also has the ability to make the weather rainy, pouring or drizzling. He is also the ruler of moving bodies of water. He can show himself as a water spout too.

The Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor was the richest God in Chinese mythology. He was the emperor of Heaven. He was a part of Taoism. His picture was drawn or woven. The Gods made him the empire of heaven because he defeated an evil entity. He had to pass 3,200 trials and each lasted about 3 million years. That was how he defeated the evil entity.