War quotes

quotes of war

War Is A contagion

by Franklin D roosevelt

It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace

by Aristotle

"War does not determined who is right-only who is left

by Betrand russell
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War only leaves confusion and questions to be answered.Fighting can leave many bad things along the way and most of the time it cannot be prevented.Fighting and war will never settle anything it will only start other problems. For example people will always fight with each other for many reasons without control.The rage that people feel is unexplainable but when its over we are all left thinking of why we did it.


When i was little my family would always fight a lot and didn't know what to do.At the end it would leave everybody trying to find answers of why they were fighting.After years of passing through these fightings we all began to discuss our problems and began to understand each other more.