What makes them different


A spoonbill has an oddly shaped beak. One adaptation helps when it dips its beak into the water to catch fish in the sand. It's beak filters out the sand so it only catches fish. The spoonbill is preyed on by poachers and sharks. As I told you a trait for the spoonbill is it filtering sand out of its beak.


Humming Birds have a needle-like beak for sucking nectar from flowers. What makes Humming Birds different is that they can fly sideways and backwards. It is useful for escaping predators. When they flap their wings it is very hard to see the wings.
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Falcons are the fastest animals in the world. They can dive up to 120 miles per hour. they kill their prey with their talons instead of their beak.
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The Osprey is a unique bird because it preys on fish, small animals, and other birds. The make their nests on dead trees.


The Pelican is a bird with a beak that has a pocket of skin attached to it. It is used to keep the fish in its mouth until it drowns.

Belted Kingfisher

The Belted Kingfisher mostly preys on small fish, dragonfly larvae, and water bugs. They have a pointed beak to catch their prey. They can also fly very fast to escape predators.
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