By Brayden Hambright

Important info

  • Population: 15,708,756
  • Capital: Phnom Penh
  • Leader: Prime Minister Hun Sen
  • Government type: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • Language: 96.3% Khmer, 3.7% other

Economy of Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is slowly reviving. Their Gross Domestic Product Per Capita is $3,500. Their mains exports are clothing, timer, rubber, rice, fish, tobacco, and footwear. Its main imports are cigarettes, gold, machinery, and motor vehicles. They currently import way more then they export. their biggest export partner is the United states while their biggest import partners are Singapore and Thailand. One of the best jobs makes $4 a day while other jobs only pay $1.
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Cambodia is a major farming country, 37% of their GDP is from agriculture. Along with 75% of their work force on agriculture, most rice farmers. More than half of their cropland is rice, making it their most important crop. Rice production to a big hit after their civil war, but after a while they got enough rice to export it again.
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Other Economy Stuff

Cambodia's second most important export is fish. Cambodia's second best GDP booster, however, is tourism, making up about 36.4% of their GDP. The amount of tourists are increasing, each year their amount increases by 30%. They also have 25 t.v. channels, 160 newspapers, 30,000 internet users, 20 airports, only 4 of them major, and 2 railroads.
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The Khmer empire

The earliest signs of humans in Cambodia is from 7,000 B.C., about nine thousand years ago. In 2,00 B.C., they domesticated animals, in 600 B.C., they had iron tools. The very first major city in Cambodia was Funan, who called themselves the Khmer's, their culture was heavily influenced by India. In the 6th century, a new kingdom called Zhen-la was made, the first language appeared there. At this time, Cambodia contained many different kingdoms that fought. In 802, the first king declared themselves a god, this continued for 250 years. Now, the kingdom has changed their name to Kambuja and the capital has changed to Angkor. In 1177, Cham rebels attacked and a Cham prince was put in to power, but they were quickly drove out. The empire falls when the 7th king dies.
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Thailand and Vietnamese Rule

In 1431, Thailand captured their capital and changed their capital to Phnom Penh. for the next 4 centuries, the land was constantly raided. by the 1800's, Vietnamese rule the central part of the country, there, Cambodians were forced to follow their traditions. Later, due to uprisings in 1840-1841, the country was equally shared and a new king was crowned.
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French rule

In 1855, the king asked French for protection, this was signed when the king's son was on the thrown in 1863. In 1887, the king was forced to give French complete control. The French encouraged road buildings and growing amount of exports. In 1941 a new king was crowned, the French thought they could control him, but in 1953 he declared independence for Cambodia.
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Vietnam war

in the Vietnam war, Cambodia sided with North Vietnam and disliked the United States. In 1970, a general overthrew the country leader and immediately joined the US's side and allowed them to bomb North Vietnam bases, killing 500,000 Cambodians in the process. He is then overthrown in 1975.
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Khmer Rouge

The new leader of Cambodia turned Cambodia into a "rice machine," he was a part of the Khmer Rouge. He evacuated major cities, forcing about two million people out of their homes. Almost all Cambodians farmed rice, disobeying means death. They destroyed education, they even killed the educated and people who just wore glasses! This resulted in the death of around one to two million people. In 1978, the king was captured by Vietnam, the Khmer Rouge lived on. Vietnam set up a new government called People's Republic of Kampuchea, Many refugees fled to Thailand. In 1989 the Vietnam withdrew their troops, in 1991 4 major Cambodian factions declared peace and asked refugees to come back. In 1998 the Khmer Rouge surrendered, the leaders were never tried for their crimes.
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