IAG Advocacy Team


Advocacy Team: We need your help NOW! Please Help!

Dear Advocates for High Ability Students,

IAG is contacting you because you told us at the IAG Conference in December (or we know) that you want to be “The I in IAG.” We need our advocates for high ability to register public comment NOW (by April 14) regarding the new proposed accountability system and we hope you will help us.

You can see IAG’s full position here, but basically IAG feels:

1. The proposed system does not provide the same opportunities for the highest performing students to earn points for a school’s growth as it does for the other students. (see attachment)

2. Due to the proposed point allocations, the system unintentionally sends the message that Indiana is content with minimal competency and is not dedicated to maximizing student achievement.

3. The multiple measures metric as it is currently configured will actually discourage high performance and rigorous course offerings at the high school level.

IAG really needs a strong showing of support from all parts of the state and all types of schools for including high ability students in the credit a school gets in determining growth. The comments need to come from advocates who can see beyond how the proposed system affects their own school or district. This needs to focus on the longer term implications for high ability students across the state. Here is what we know:

The State Board of Education is considering the attached Growth to Proficiency Table developed by the IDOE to be used in the new accountability system and welcomes public comment.

You can personalize your comments if you have seen the need for this in your own district, or you can just prepare comments IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

The email to send your comments is: SBOE_Comment@sboe.in.gov

If you want more information about how the new system works, you can find it at http://www.doe.in.gov/accountability/indiana-student-centered-accountability.

Let us know if you have questions! Thanks for supporting high ability students in Indiana!!!