GCA High School

Make Monday Matter 11.17.14

Meetings This Week

Monday 10 am - Admin Huddle

Monday 10 am - Resource Department Meeting

Monday 12 pm- GCA Tool Time

Tuesday 8am - EOC Staff Training Part 2

Tuesday 3:30pm Academic Leaders Call

Wednesday 3 pm- Special Ed Department Meeting

Thursday - 8:30 - 4:30 - Leadership f2f Infinite Campus Training

Friday 2pm - Weekly Staff Meeting

*********MUST DO ITEMS*********

Check ALL CC Session Invitations

Please go into ALL CC Integration Sessions you have created and ensure that you have invited Learning Coaches & ADMINISTRATORS!!! This MUST be done ASAP!!

Pump Up The Study Island Numbers!

SI exposure is low - please make sure you are incorporating SI into your small group sessions, whole group sessions, catch up plans, reminders, announcements, etc.

Don't FORGET- Must have CC Recordings for Dec PD

Please start thinking about your recordings & assignments that you will provide for students while we are all away for December PD. SPECIAL EDUCATION teachers must be part of the recording in ALL co-taught courses!!! Gen Ed & Special Ed Teachers need to work together to plan - do not wait until the last minute!!!
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******** For Your Information ********

NTT will NOT be held LIVE! this week

Winter GA Milestone EOC Information

  • December 8th - 12th
  • Staff Assignments emailed & posted in SharePoint 11-7-14
  • Materials pick up December 1st prior to PD
  • Student Assignments emailed 11-11-14
  • HR Teachers were to kmail flyers no later than 5pm 11-12-14
  • HS Testing POCs- Keisha Simmons & Laura Lowndes

Helping Students with NML time conflicts

Some National Math Lab students have time conflicts due to our new CC schedule - the Homeroom Teacher can email nmlhelp@k12.com on the student's behalf and request a schedule change for the NML course!

Credit Recovery Reminders

* Credit Recovery is self-paced

* Students k-mail the CR teacher when they have completed course work & they are moved on to the next CR course or out of the program

* All assignments are set for retakes

* Students must be actively working to remain in the course

* There are NO "CATCH-UP" plans for credit recovery courses

k12 Instructional Coaches will be guests in our CC Sessions

No need to be nervous about this, but wanted you to know if you saw Stephanie Chi, Tamra, Daphne, and Shatamara drop in your class.

They will informally drop in to CC for 15-60 minutes. It will be random and not everyone will receive a visit.


  • Each month we will be looking for one best practice. November and December: Standards-based learning objectives guiding lessons
  • Follow-up email will be sent to teacher and direct lead/supervisor and will include the following:
  • Teacher/Class/Date/Number of Students/Lesson Focus
  • Instructional Bright Spot
  • Comment on integration of monthly best practice focus

We will be sharing best practices liberally across schools

About the strategy….


Give a shout out or Spirit Sprinkle to your favorite co-worker


Annette Ciaravino: Annette is an awesome co-teacher! Even though math is not her background she does a great job helping the students try to understand the concepts!

Ashley Moller: I'm so thankful to be co-teaching ELA with Ashley. We have a great time together. Ashley stays on top of things with our kids who are falling behind, and she enjoys collaborating with other teachers.

Vincentia Paul-Constantine: Vincentia is always ready and willing to help answer questions. She's been really helpful to me since I started at GCA.

Tammy Cruz-Hernandez: Tammy is always quick to respond to any questions I may have.

Whitney Kelley: Whitney really cares about our GCA students. She is always happy to help.

Laura Lowndes-Bush: Laura takes the best IEP minutes. She should co-teach a class on taking SPED minutes. Great Job, Laura

Dan Dage: Dan is very thorough and always thinks through each step of a process when helping our SPED kids.

Crystal Hall :Crystal has done an awesome job of jumping into GCA in her first year here.

Stephanie Flemming: Last year during a meeting Stephanie talked about how much she enjoyed her teaching time and was always wanting more time with her students. With all the changes, I just keep hearing her say its why we started teaching.

Jessica Shuman: She stepped it up and took on an assignment that we were supposed to do together while I was busy testing. Definitely a team player!!!

Tammy Cruz-Hernandez: Tammy makes herself available at the drop of a hat to answer all the quirky questions I send her way. Thanks Tammy for all your help so far this year! You are awesome! :-)