Ontario Primary School

News Blast from Mrs. Tatro

Open House - Big Success!

We had a wonderful turnout at our Open House last week! I want to thank all of our students for being such terrific guides, proudly leading family members to classrooms and throughout the school to meet all of our teachers. We value the importance of the home and school partnership and truly thank all of our OP families for your on-going participation and dedication with supporting your child’s success.

Fire Prevention Week

This past week was National Fire Prevention week and the theme for 2015 is “Hear The Beep Where You Sleep. Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm!” We were delighted to have Firefighter Bob come visit our school from the Ontario Fire Company to share a special presentation with our students. The presentation focused on three key areas that you may want to review as a family:

  • The importance of smoke detectors in our homes (know where they are located, check the batteries, test them monthly)

  • Know two ways to get out of the house

  • Get out and stay out!

We also were fortunate to have a fire truck at our school for the day where classes were able to go out and take a look at the truck and equipment that are prepared to help us in our community if a fire occurs.

Ask Your Child About Writing Stamina!

Our classroom routines are well underway and our students are learning new information and gaining skills in math, reading, and writing that support them across all academic areas. I am very proud of progress our students are making in writing this year throughout all of our K-2 classrooms. Our teachers are piloting new writing curriculum and students continue to expand their skills and stamina with writing. We know strong reading and writing skills are essential to student success!

Halloween Guidelines

Halloween Guidelines:

As Halloween is quickly approaching, please carefully review the following guidelines in an effort to maintain a safe environment for all students:

  • Halloween costumes need to be able to fit in a bag that can be brought to school on the bus.

  • No full masks that cover a child’s face should be worn or brought to school.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times with costumes.

  • Please do not send your child in with any accompanying accessories that mimic a weapon (swords, knives, etc.)

  • As a reminder, we have children with life-threatening latex allergies. Please be sensitive to this when selecting a costume.

  • If there is rain on this date, the Halloween parade will be canceled.

  • The Halloween Parade will begin at O.P. at 2 p.m.

Student Recognition - Wow, our students are doing the right thing when they don't know anyone is watching!

We are very proud to recognize students who display positive character and are excellent role models in our school. Our vertical teams continue to “catch our students doing the right thing” and congratulations to the following students who earned this recognition!

I had the pleasure of having lunch and presenting a certificate to each of our nominated students! Our first trait that we are focusing on is “Respect” and we are proud of the examples that we see daily through the actions of our students.

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Vertical Team Recipients for Mrs. Saba, Mrs. Herbst, and Mrs. Harvey

Congratulations to last week’s recipients:Laura Smith from Mrs. Saba’s class, Ella Magri from Mrs. Herbst classroom and Joey Schoene from Mrs. Harvey’s classroom.
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Vertical Team Recipients for Mrs. Groff, Ms. Balta, and Mrs. Grisley

Congratulations to this week’s recipients: Clare Jones from Mrs. Groff’s classroom, Reese Sinclair from Miss Balta’s classroom and Amelia Armstrong in Mrs. Grisley’s classroom