Sounder The Novel

By Brady

Theme: Perseverance

  • Sounder came home after he had been shot by the Deputy. The Mother stayed calm when the father went to jail but she would hum a lot and stay up late. The Father never gave up when he went hunting when half of his body was hurt very badly but sadly he died when he was hunting one night and Sounder came home alone. The Boy kept looking for his father for years and went to school at almost the same time when he was in school he lived with the teacher.


  • In the article Jackie broke the color bearer and allowed blacks to be able to play baseball. Also it talked about his rise to be famous. He was one of the best baseball players ever. As he got older he became more and more famous. He got into the Hall of Fame in 1962.
  • Reasons:It shows how hard it was to do that. It shows that everyone is equal. It gives people hope to do things

Pet/human relationship

  • Summary: It shows a woman that is keeping two tigers in her home. To the tigers the woman is their mother.She has volunteers that help her feed the animals. Sometimes the tigers can get a little rough. None of the people that help her have ever been hurt severely.
  • How they are similar to sounder and master. They play with each other they play games. They feed the tigers and get to nap with them. They have fun with each other all of the time.

Anticipation Guide

  • Opinion of statement:Stealing is always wrong, and a thief should always be punished severely. Agree
  • I feel that stealing is bad and people who steal should be punished. You should never steal because you could be punished severely but some thefts they do not have to punished as severely.

A father, Daughter, and Dog

  • this is how they are alike. Both of the dads died in both stories. The dad worked hard all his life and so did the master.
  • The differences are. The daughter can drive a car but the Boy was alive before cars were made. Sounder got shot and lived a very long time but the pointer did not live as long in the story


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