Wanted-European green crab

An invasive species

What is an European green crab?

An European green crab is an invasive specie. These crabs were native to the European waters, but was recently found in the Newfoundland sea. The crabs are adapting, and expanding population quickly to its new environment. The green crabs almost look like the rock crabs because of the size.

Why is it invasive?

They normally eat shellfish and other crustaceans, but recently eating small and juvenile Fin fishes in Eel grass beds. The crabs may also damage the Eel grass habitat which makes great burrows. The crabs cut the roots of the Eel grass which destroys the habitat.

These are some of the parts of the European Green Crab

Other Fun Facts About Crabs

-Carcinus maenas(European green crab)is an important invasive species
-There are 850 different kinds of crabs
-The largest crab is the japanese spider crab