The Structure Of The Constitution

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Article I- Legislative Branch

Article I outlines the powers of the legislative branch. Congress is a legislative body. The legislative body makes laws.

Article II- Executive Branch

Article II outlines the powers of the executive branch. The head of the executive branch is the president of the united states. This branch manages day to day government operations.

Article III- Judicial Branch

Article III outlines the powers of the judicial branch. This determines that the supreme court and the US congress have the power over lower courts.

Article IV- States

This branch deals with the states. This article suggests that all states are equal and should respect each others laws.

Article V- Amendment

This article outlines the powers the states and congress have to amend the constitution. Future generations have the power to change the constitution.

Article VI- Supremacy

This article declares that the constitution is The Supreme Law of The Land. It also states that officials must swear an oath to the constitution.

Article VII- Ratification

This article goes into detail about everyone who signed the constitution. It also states that 9 out of 13 states have to agree to ratify.
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