How ratchetness came to be


Bonqusha is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She got an unusual power she got ratchetness. She was able to spread it to other people. Although she wasn't adored Zeus still let her play with the lightning bolt and not every child got that.

Playing with the bolt

When Bonquisha would play with the bolt she would struck earth. And whena person is struck by lightning if they survive the become ratchet and turn to an immortal minion with there own power and anyone around turns 50% ratchet. When Zeus found out about this he would banish her from the palace down to earth.

Down on earth

As Bonquisha moved back in to her banished home her next door neighbor followed her in. "Hello" said Vanessa. "Goodbye" said Bonquisha. Shutting the door Vanessa said, " Bye Master," and left. Bonquisha spread her ratchetness by creating her own bolt with her other power. Making minions Zeus summoned Bonquisha. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE BOLT," he shouted. It's my own to create minions. Bonquisha then vanished

FInal battle

As Bonquisha came to olympus she brought her minions and Hades to fight along side with her. "Zeus I challenge you to a battle," saidBonquisha. "You dont' want to do this," said Zeus." Attack," Bonquisha yelled. She took the form of a bird and flew up to Zeus and took the bolt and struck him 20 million times. "You silly litle peasant, I knew you were UNWORTHY, BOLT," he said and struck her with lightning. AHHH she screamed. Falling 20 mph to the ground.THUMP she went. Hades then attacked. KRAKEN he summoned and weakened Zeus taking him down. "Bonquisha, his strained why are you doing this ?" He was then beat. I am the greatest and the queen so deal with it and vanished.