Thwarting Bathroom Clogs

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When it comes to clogging, bathroom drains, particularly toilets and showers, are most likely to suffer from it. Bathroom is the most commonly used room in the household. While some clogged drains cannot be avoided, there are several ways to minimize a clogged drain in your bathroom:

Bathroom sink

A bathroom drain clog may be caused by hair trimmings, displaced toothpaste after use, excess shaving cream or any bath liquid. Securing a drain cover will help filter hairs or debris that creates clogging. The best way to avoid drain blockage is to shave using a container and disposing the shaved hair instead of letting it washed down the drain daily.


A clogged toilet is an annoying sight. What’s worse is to see it overflowing. Although some cases of clogging cannot be avoided, certain personal items should never be flushed in the toilet. These include excess toilet paper or feminine items. They must be thrown properly in the trash bin and not flushed in the toilets.


The hair is the main reason the shower or bathtub gets clogged. It has been observed that an individual loses 100 strands of hair daily when bathing. As the hair mixes with bath products like oils, soaps and greasy liquids, it may cause the drains to clog up. To avoid common clogs is to employ well-fitted drain cover to filter hair and manually get rid of it after use.

Despite preventive measures to avoid bathroom clogs, these may be inevitable. Ensure that piling up clogs should be eliminated right away before these become burdensome. For complicated clogs, seek a professional local plumber to help you.

Drain care

Many might think that it will not do any harm to pour liquids and some small solids in your sink. Overtime, these items will lead to major disaster to your plumbing. Three items that you should never throw down the drain are:

Grease or oil. Fatty substances like grease and oil may seem to go down easily in the drain when they are still in liquid form. Once they cool down, they become stagnant coating the pipes and stay there for a long time. The gooey substance creates a clog in the drain.

Produce. While the inside portion of a fruit or vegetable can easily be cut into pieces, their peels seem difficult to chop. Let the peels of fruits and vegetables out of your drain, together with any hard produce like carrots or other root vegetables.

Harsh cleaners. Strong substances can damage plumbing pipes, gaskets and other fixtures. Avoid pouring harsh chemicals down your drains. For severely clogged drains, call your local plumbers services Sydney to remedy your plumbing concern.