Pecan Creek Library

2015-2016 Annual Report

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It's been a busy year in the Pecan Creek Library--here are just a few highlights!

Live Morning Announcements

Each day begins with a live broadcast of our morning announcements with the help of our awesome 5th graders! This year, a total of 64 5th graders served as either anchor, camera person, or director, each for a 2 week period. May I share a couple of success stories? We had 1 student serve as anchor who, up to that point in time, was a selective mute...but she showed up every day for 2 weeks and spoke beautifully and gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence in the process. Another student had serious attendance/tardy issues all year, but he volunteered to serve on our news crew and showed up on time, every day, for 2 weeks and went on to have a much better attendance record!
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Library Classes

Due to Pecan Creek's high enrollment this year, the Library was included as a Special Area class for all grade levels. Lessons included all kinds of reading comprehension (character analysis, main idea & summarizing, inferencing across genres, poetry, etc), research skills, technology skills, and Maker Space time!

Reading Promotions

A big push was made for all students in grades 3-5 to participate in the Texas Bluebonnet Award reading program; this year we had 355 students qualify to participate in the statewide vote. We learned that our favorite candidate (book) is not always selected as the winner--a good lesson in civics! And yes, we had some related discussions about the upcoming Presidential election.

Our wonderful PTA sponsored 3 Scholastic Book Fairs this year, including a BOGO sale at the end of the year. The library benefited by receiving approximately 225 new books from the Book Fair!

Our annual Book Character Dress-Up Day was held in May to celebrate National Children's Book Week, complete with lots of student and staff participation and 2 parades.

Digital Citizenship

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We are very proud to announce that after many hours of planning, instruction, and documentation, we are now a Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certified school! Students in grades 3-5 received lessons on internet safetey/privacy/security, cyberbullying, what it means to have a digital footprint, becoming a "super digital citizen," and plagiarism & citing sources. Next year we will expand that instruction to our younger students as well.

Circulation/Collection Development

34,825 books and av equipment were checked out this year

75 iPad minis were added (thank you, Mrs. Rainey!)

491 books were added this year

73 of those books, or 15%, are science books (a real effort was made this year to identify and purchase high-quality, updated books in the area of science to meet the demand of our faculty and students)

766 items were deleted due to loss/damage, wear & tear, being out of date, lack of circulation, etc.

18,510 books (app. 25 books per student) are owned by our library

Special Event

This year, as a reward for one of the PTA fundraisers, two top-selling students got to be "Librarian for a Day!" Two of our Kinder friends tied for the honor--they worked hard & had a fun day!

2016-2017 Goals

We're excited to learn all the ways we can support our teachers as they pioneer Project Based Learning on our campus, and we're anxious to find ways to incorporate our 3-D printer!