No Limit Newsletter

8th Grade Team News; December 14-18


Monday - Identifying Solutions Given 2 equations & Identifying Functions

Tuesday - Begin Unit 7B Review in class it will need to be completed by Wednesday @ the beginning of class.

Wednesday - We will go over Unit 7B Review in class and have a review game

Thursday - Test Unit 7B

Friday - Begin Solving Proportions.


Monday- Practice Worksheets over Unit 3 Material

Tuesday- Grade/Discuss Worksheets

Unit 3 Quiz

Wednesday- Review for Chemistry Part 1 Test

Thursday- Part 1 Chemistry Test

Hand out Final Review

Friday- Work on Final Review


For the week

Drama- The Diary of Anne Frank

Answer question strips for each scene and gluing into Reader's Notebook.

Some are daily grades and some will be a major grade.


Monday- Finish: Who are these people? handout

Receive Study Guide

Tuesday-End of the war notes

Wednesday-Review for test

Thursday- American Revolution Test

Friday-Final Exam Study Guide