Act 2


Dirty Dawgs

It starts with Benvolio and Mercutio ripping on Romeo for loving Rosealine. But are proud because they think he is pounding her. But what they don't know is that he loves Juliet now. Romeo is a big ole Horn Dog.

The Creeper

Romeo is hiding behind some shrubbery listening to Juliet express her firey love for him. Then Romeo jumps out and they exchange vows.

Friar thinks Nah Dawg You silly But says ok.

Romeo converses with Friar Lawrence of his new found love with Juliet. Friar is shocked that he got over his love with Rosealine so fast. But he agrees to marry them hoping the two families will stop this nonsense.

El Gato Bailando

Tybalt sends Romeo a butthurt letter for him showing up at the Capulets mansion. The letter said that Tybalt was ready to fight romeo.

The nurse is a real pain in the kicker.

The nurse knows how eager Juliet is too find out what Romeo says. So she decides to be a little rascal and tease her buns off. She finally gives into Juliets whining and tells her to meet Romeo at Friar Lawrences cell at noon. Then the nurse gets a rope so Romeo can easily get in the mansion.

Where is this Girl I'm Tired FO REAL!

Romeo and the Friar wait for Juliet to show up . In the mean time Friar Lawrence tells Romeo he shouldnt get married kinda like nowadays when the best man tries to talk his pal into not getting married. Friar really was not to peachy keen on getting them hitched ,but just says crew it lets get it done.