November & December News

Written by the students of 4Sp

Community Corner

In November and December we had a spelling bee. Issac Fiore, Mia Taylor, and Greta Zender went to the grade spelling bee. They are really good spellers but they didn't win. We should give them a round of applause. Well Mrs. Sprang's class also gave can goods for a food drive. We brought in a lot but Mrs Adkins class brought over 100!! We were happy to provide food to people in need. For Christmas we did a Book Exchange. The students would pick a name form a hat and they would get a book for that person. But they couldn't tell them. So on December 20th your child will come home with a new book. In Morning Meeting we greet each other 1st then we usually talk about our day and what we are going to do. Then at the end we play a game. In November and December we had a lot to do but we did it all!! Have a Happy Holiday!!

-Maddie & Sydney


In reading we learned about summarizing.Summarizing is when you do a six second summary that is when you read a chapter in a story and you explane the main character and the settings. We read Medusa Jones it is about a girl and she has snakes for hair and she gets bullied a lot by the Champions but at the end they come through and she turns the Champions to stone.

In reading we learned about comparing and contrasting that is when we see how two stories or articles are different or the same. Point of view is another thing we learned in reading it is when you can tell who is telling the story 1 person point of view is when someone in the story is telling it. 3 person point of view is when someone outside the story is telling the story.

-Marina & CeCe

In book club we switch with Mrs.Rise's students and the first thing we do is read Danger along the Ohio. Then, we do our responses and choose upon 3 characters.Then,We read a book of choice. then,we do summaries and a response.

-Greta & Joseph


Right now in class we reading 'Danger Along the Ohio'. After every chapter we write 1st person point of view in a characters perspective. There are questions on the board and we have to answer them in our Danger Journals. The journals are special because we made ourselves. They are supposed to look like pioneer journals.

Before we started our Danger Journals we studied pioneers. We were split into groups that were different categories. We read facts about that category and made posters. There were 6 different groups. Then, we went around looking at each others posters and comparing and contrasting the pioneer times vs. 2013. After that we transformed our facts into 2 paragraphs (one comparing one contrasting).

-Ethan & Harry

Social Studies

In class we are learning about Indian tribes.

-Makenzie & Rylee


In Math we learned about the Dividend the Divisor and the Quotient. The Dividend number being divided we call it the ''big daddy''. The Divisor is the number dividing the Dividend we call it the ''terminator''. The Quotient is the product of the problem.

One of the activities that we did was the super seven method which helped us understand what the Dividend, Divisor and the Quotient were. Evidence that the students are learning are that they are giving 4s and 5s when Mrs.Sprang asks them how they are doing and we did better on out post test then on our pretest.

-Brian and Ella

Some learning goals we have are we can do the super seven method also we I can use fact families to help me divide. We did a SUPER FUN way to help us do better with prime and composite is we made jerseys and we picked a random number and we had to tell if it was prime or composite. we watched a video that showed us the super sevens method. Some ways we now how were learning some test scores are going up.

-Josh & Carson

Partial Quotients Division

Pioneer Day

We had a wonderful field trip to Livingston Lodge where we got to experience life as pioneers! The students loved making their own lunch, listening to all the stories told by Mr. and Mrs. Childers, experimenting with the dulcimers, and completing all the activities. I was so proud of the behavior of all the students--everyone followed the procedures, listened to directions, and did an especially good job with the square dancing!

-Mrs. Sprang


Lately in specials we've been doing fun things. For example in music we have been playing the recorders. Mrs. Bohn helped us learn all the note names. In gym we have been doing the fitness gram for push ups and sit ups plus the pacer test then the sit and reach. It's helping us get a healthier lifestyle.In Spanish we did the Spanish lottery and our class turned in the most tickets. It helped us practice Spanish. Also in technology we did a power point about our self.That way we can learn about each other. In art we made landscapes to help us learn about foreground,background, middle ground. Lastly in library we have been learning about authors. We do this so we can learn about writing.

-Reagan & Mia

Technology Update

We are using technology in our classroom. We use laptops for tests, Star of The Week presentations, research, and Parent-Teacher Conference videos. We use Star Of The Week presentations and responses to help us understand how to use these laptops. We use websites like Study Island and G-mail. We know that we are learning because we are needing our teachers help less and less and adding words to our vocabulary.

-Frances & Eva

Field Trip to Little Red Schoolhouse

Wednesday, Jan. 8th, 8:45pm

Little Red School House, Cincinnati Oh

We will travel to Indian Hill's historical Little Red Schoolhouse to experience school as a pioneer child would have.

End of Quarter

Friday, Jan. 10th, 12am


The end of the 2nd quarter is Friday, January 10. Report cards will be distributed Friday, January 17!

No School

Monday, Jan. 20th, 12am


There will be No School on Monday, January 20 in observance of Martin Luther King Day.