Warren Elementary Weekly Update

May 4-8

A Note From Mrs. Wilkins

Warren families,

I hope you were able to enjoy some of the sunshine this weekend! This week is Teacher Appreciation week. I know the teachers would prefer to be teaching in their classrooms with their students. However, our teachers have done a remarkable job transitioning to remote learning and staying connected to their students.

Always, Warren teachers are driven by the question, “What is best for our students?” I am impressed with the relationships our teachers build, their hard work, innovative ideas, positive attitudes, and their sincere passion for education. Please join me this week in thanking our teachers.

Click the link to view the video made for teachers by Warren students https://animoto.com/play/eyUpxkYbMj1d0oQbe3h2sg (THANK YOU STUDENTS!)

Next week is Spirit Week! During Spirit Week send Mrs. Hornby (WHornby@helenaschools.org) photos of your daily spirit gear. We will be posting photo’s throughout spirit week.

Wishing you all the best,

Mrs. Wilkins


We are so PROUD of our Warren Students!

Every week teachers will highlight their wonderful students. All students will be featured by the end of the school year, so keep a look out for your child/children. Way to go Warren Wolverines! #WarrenStrong

This Week's Featured Students

Kindergarten- Mrs. Ralph

Bobby Morris: His mom say he has worked hard on his school work and has a good attitude. My favorite activity they came up with was a creative and hilarious way to practice sight words using the mouth piece that won't let your mouth close. Good Luck trying to guess what word it is!

Jackson Smith: He has gone above and beyond his school work, sending me great videos of real life science! Pictured here, Jackson is holding trout eggs! I have also had some great phone conversations with him. He also let me send a video of himself to all of this classmates.

Kadee: She lost both of her front teeth yesterday. She has sent me great video's and pictures and continues to show kindness to others.


Kieran has been working hard on sight words and taking AR tests. He has also been enjoying long bike rides and getting money from the tooth fairy. Keep on being the great kid you are!

Natalie has had a big month. She lost a tooth and had a birthday! Natalie has also been working hard on her math. She is one smiley girl!

Don’t mess with this tough girl, Karley! She is a powerful wrestler. When she isn’t showing her power on the mat she is using her brain power on her work. She is tough, but also kind. She helps her mom by walking and playing with her dogs.

Kingslen has been working hard in all subject areas. He is even doing more than what is asked of him by playing with his HOTDOTs and reading his own books. After his long days of working hard he likes to relax by going fishing. Here he is with his crayfish.

Akuma has been enjoying playing outside after getting his math work done. You might get to see him zip by on his electric scooter. He also just celebrated his Birthday in April!

Kindergarten- Tabaracci

During this stay at home time, Allyne has worked hard making new sight word games and teaching her brother Joey. She is reading challenging books, but has found that she loves math! She has been writing a lot, riding her bike and helping her family build a new backyard playset.

Emma A. reads to me each week and is teaching her sister Nora as well. With math, she is baking and creating things to make math more exciting. She has been helping her mom and Grandpa do a bird count at the reservoir each week.

Charlee has been really working hard on his math equations and for reading he and his brother Bobby played "Watch your Mouth" Sight words. The video was great and looked like a lot of fun. When the homework is done, they have gone exploring. Here he is at Ringing Rocks.

Emma H. loves a little math competition with her mom and dad. She is reading a lot of new books that she has discovered around the house. She is collecting and protecting bugs, as well as planting flowers and riding her bike in her free time.

First- Burton

Jaxon George- Jaxon is a joy in the classroom! He is kind to everyone, and his personality puts a smile on all faces. He has fit right in to Warren this year and we are very happy to have him here.

Ellee Schleining- Ellee is one of the kindest students at Warren. She is able to build strong relationships with students and teachers in the building. Ellee also works very hard in all areas of her education.

First- Horne

Braiden Beskoon - he has been working his tail off and sending lots of pictures of the activities/puzzles/outside playtime/etc. that he has been doing both at his mom's work and at home with his little brother.

Carter Parr - he has been doing all the work and turning it in but maybe more importantly has become QUITE the fabulous little artist during this time.

Cody Alfson- has been working hard, but also enjoying checking in on Teams meetings and spending lots of time with his family walking his dog and on outdoor adventures.

First- O'Brian

Ayrian McClain-Ayrian works hard and has really shown his love of school through this challenging time. He always wants to know how I am doing and has his mom send me videos. Every time I talk to him he tells me he wants to go back to school. He even meets me on Teams to practice reading.

Tatymm Frey-Tatymm has been working really hard. She too will meet me on Teams to practice Reading. She always tells me she misses school and me. She is doing everything that is asked of her!

Winry Loendorf- Winry has come so far this year and is continuing to work hard at home! She has a big heart and always wants to make pictures/gifts to show people how she feels.


Noah Rodeck - Noah is such a kind boy. He is always thinking of others and works hard to make sure everyone feels included and valued.

Trevin Laverdure - Trevin may be quiet, but he is kind and respectful to his classmates and teachers. His smile brings a smile to my face each and every day.

Harlynn Kelman – Harlynn is a hard worker in class and gives 110% to make her work the best it can possibly be. She is a great friend to others and is always respectful.

Wyatt Gould – Wyatt comes to school each day with a great attitude. He has a love of learning and works hard in class to always do his best.

Second- Kimball

Aspyn Bantz: Aspyn is an extra hard worker and is always willing to go the extra mile. She gets her work done before moving on to other things, but loves to laugh and have a good time.

Tucker Gurnsey: Tucker is very thoughtful and often asks how I'm doing or wants to know about my weekend. He is full of energy and great ideas and really likes to connect with others.

Adalee McBreen: Adalee is very resilient. When something happens, she hardly misses a beat and just keeps going. I also admire how Adalee never makes excuses and is willing to work extra hard to finish a job.

Landon Trenary: Landon is full of life. He can always be counted on to try his best to do the right thing. Landon is also very kind and often thinks of others before himself.

Second- Merritt

Jaden Lee- He has been such a trooper throughout this remote learning and always doing his best even when the math may be challenging.

Christian Cowie- He has been working so hard and going above and beyond the assignments. He has been reading to his younger brothers out of the scholastic magazine link.

Third- Ford

Aiden Elliott - Aiden is hardworking and continues to express his love of learning in a variety of ways while learning from home.

Makell Guymon - Makell has been working hard and showing responsibility by turning in her work and trying her best each week!

Hayden E. - Hayden E. has been turning assignments in regularly and staying in touch with his teacher and class. He has also been busy working on house projects with his family!

Lincoln - Lincoln loves to learn and explore new ideas. He is responsible and stays busy tending to all sorts of fun projects and chores at home!

Cidney - Cidney has been staying involved and working hard. She is energetic and responsible and her hard work is paying off!

Third- Madsen

Austin Kaufman – Austin has been very mindful of how learning online goes. He misses being at school very much but always has a great attitude on our class video chats!

Maya Parr – Maya has shown her creativity with lots of art. She is continuing the Crochet Club and has crocheted herself an amazing poncho!

Luna Tate – Luna and her family have been communicating very well with Mrs. Madsen. They share pictures of their adventures and of her awesome work!

Cash Neal – Cash is such a personality in our class chats. He continues to make everyone laugh, just like being in the classroom. He’s also put in time with extra projects and has created wonderful things!

Shayla Salminen – Even though she recently hurt her arm and had to put it in a splint, Shayla has been doing great work, especially with her small group websites! She has shown a lot of effort!

Fourth- Bonney

Isaac Cohn - Isaac is a really neat kid! He is kind to everyone and always willing to lend a helping hand. He is also extremely hard working and determined to do his best. He sets a high standard for himself and strives to meet it. At the same time, he has a great sense of humor!

Jasmyn Fish - Jasmyn is such a hard worker! I respect her determination and perseverance when things are difficult. She is also kindhearted and responsible!

Kiley Kocher - Kiley is a great kid and a positive leader! She may be quiet, but she carries an amazing strength inside her. She is kind, determined, and fun to talk to!

Aleigha Hankinson - Aleigha is super cool! Her smile and upbeat personality make everyone happy to be around her. She is always very respectful and kind to others!

Kobey Winkley - Kobey is a fantastic example of every single one of our Warren Words to Live By! He works well with everyone and his positive, can-do attitude is contagious. I appreciate his never-ending curiosity and love of riddles!

Fourth- Cicero

Jesse-That kid has been so impressive. Always wanting to check in and giving positive things to say to everyone.

Chantel-Always asking questions on her work and wanting to do her best. I had to throw a bag of Hi-Chews into her lawn last week.

Fifth- McNay

Bearek Shuman: Bearek has been working so hard during this time. He has been great at communicating with me, he even tells me fun things he is doing during his week. I am so grateful for Bearek's positive attitude!

Kadin Gazelka: Kadin has been so impressive during this time. He has been asking questions when he does not understand the material and he is trying his best each week. Kadin is very patient and goes with the flow when things do not work out just right. I am so happy that he is in my class!

Emy Rairdan: Emy has always been such a hard worker but during this time she has continued to work just as hard if not harder. Also, she has been an encouraging voice to her friends when they are struggling. Emy is such a joy to have in my class!

Caden: Caden has been such a hard-worker during this time. His joy for Rubik's cubes has been great conversation starters and caused a ripple effect through the class with many kids trying them. I love having Caden in my class!

Maleah: Maleah has been doing a wonderful job during this time. Even when she had technical difficulties she kept a positive attitude. I am so impressed by her ability to look on the bright side of any situation!

Mason: Mason has been such a hard worker. He has such a positive attitude and is constantly encouraging his classmates. He is 100% engaged in every class chat. He is doing a great job!

Fifth- Klemp

Nathan-Has been 100% engaged since day 1 of our remote learning period; he is not afraid to ask questions and has set up a great schedule for himself for learning. Always does what he is asked to do and is willing to help his classmates.

Bryson-He has been working so hard from day 1 as well. I have had great communication with him as well as his family and he is always so positive during our class chats. He really deserves to be recognized and has just navigated this difficult time very well!

Rhett-Has been juggling ranch life with school and is really putting forth his best effort. I love it when he can share to the class about his cattle drives and life in general. He attends video chats when he can and is getting his work turned in on time!

Lindzy-Lindzy has been working very hard and is not afraid to ask questions. We got to celebrate her quarantine birthday with a class game of Kahoot!! We had a great time. She continues to be her awesome self!

Heidi-Heidi is continuing her hard work at home. She is doing a great job and follows our weekly schedule. I love it when she can join our video chats. She also plays a good game of Kahoot:)

Next Week is Spirit Week!

Monday: Team (Wear clothing from your favorite sports team)

Tuesday: Pajamas

Wednesday: Wacky

Thursday: Hawaiian

Friday: Warren school (Wear your Warren gear/ Green and Yellow)

Remote Learning

Look for the K-5 remote learning framework from your child's/ children's teacher Monday morning. Each week your child’s/children’s teacher(s) will send you the weekly work by 8:30. The framework was designed to be accessible and manageable for families. Your child/children will be assigned two English arts assignments, two math assignments, specialist assignments (music, PE, library, counseling), and supplementary science/social studies assignments. Weekly assignments will be due to your child’s/children’s teachers by noon on Friday. Therefore, students can work on the weekly assignments whenever it fits into your family’s schedule. Teachers will be reaching out if they have not heard from a student in a couple of days. We want to stay connected.

Keep us updated on how learning is going. We recognize that we all are navigating different challenges during this unprecedented time. If you are struggling to get work completed, reach out. If you need more work for your child/children, reach out. If your child is feeling sad, reach out. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, reach out. We want to know how we can support your family.

Mrs. Wilkins will be reaching out to families on Monday’s ) if students work from the prior week has not been submitted. The goal of the phone call will not be a “gotchya”; the phone call will be an inquiry on how Mrs. Wilkins can help support your child’s/children’s education. We may no longer be in our building, but we have already shown that our community is strong and will work hard to best support the needs of all our students.

Office Hours

Building wide all staff will be available online from 9:30-10:30. Each teacher has selected additional time to connect and answer any questions you might have. This isn't to say that teachers are not online during other times. However, our teachers are also balancing virtual learning with their own children at home and are expected to participate in several virtual meetings, so please be understanding and patient. E-mails will be returned within 24 hours.
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Warren Netiquette Expectations

  • Class meetings are only allowed when a teacher or staff member is present!
  • Be KIND
  • Only provide appropriate responses to questions, limit the emojis during class discussions
  • Include everyone
  • Limit distractions during TEAMS meetings and focus on the teachers questions or class discussion.

School Lunch Grab and Go

Deliveries will take place 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Monday will include Monday and Tuesday’s breakfast and lunch meals.
  • Wednesday will include Wednesday and Thursday’s breakfast and lunch meals.
  • Friday will include Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s breakfast and lunch meals.

  • Bryant 11:45 - 1:00
  • Broadwater 10:00 - 11:15
  • Central 1:15 - 2:00
  • 4 Georgians 10:00 - 11:15
  • Warren 11:45 - 1:00
  • Dollar Tree 10:00 - 11:15
  • CVS (603 N Montana) 11:45-1:00
  • Bob’s Valley Market 10:15-11:30
  • Rossiter Elementary 12:00-1:00
  • Smith 1:30-2:00
  • Kessler 1:30-2:00

Parents do not need to have their children with them to receive these meals.

These sites are still free to any child 1-18 years of age no matter where they are from or if they are school age.


If you are in need of a Chromebook, please let your child's teacher or Mrs. Hornby (whornby@helenaschools.org) know by Wednesday before noon. We will put you on the Chromebook list for pick up at Warren on Friday from 11:45-1:00