New iPad Apps to Check Out!

Check these iPad apps. They may have content you can use.

Added on 6.28.13

Jim's "This is an AWESOME app" award

My highest recommended app from this batch of 5 is the Video 2 Photo app. Most of you probably know that I love creating videos and this app is now part of my arsenal of video-editing tools.
Jim says: "This is a nice app that can give your video creations a different kind of look. It is very simple to rotate and flip your video with this app. Imagine using this app in a video of your students and have it add an extra dimension to your production when the students flip upside down. I would recommend this app for creative purposes and for student experimentation with video projects. I give this app 4 clouds out of 5."

Jim says: "This app is a public relations app that will have your students and parents laughing and wondering how you created the image you created. This simple to use app asks you to click the start icon and then slowly turn in a complete circle. When finished, you are able to swype the screen and your image moves in the path you recorded. Use this app when you have your students standing in a circle around you or when you are on a field trip and want to show a panoramic view of your location. The biggest negative I have with this app is that you need a Facebook account in order to send the image. This app is for student creativity and for creating an interesting visual effect in video productions. I give this app 3 clouds out of 5 because of the Facebook sign in to download the image."

Jim says: "This is one of the best math application-to-the-real-world apps I've seen. You are responsible for determining how many ice cream supplies you need in order to make a profit in a predetermined amount of time. You choose your supplies and set the cost of your ice cream cones. Your truck visits several cities and you see if your ice cream is popular enough to make money. This app is like a mini-business class for beginners and is challenging. Even though it appears to be for young students, I wouldn't use this app for students under the third grade unless they are quite good in math and conceptual thinking. There is a learning curve involved with this app because it is not intuitive. I give this app 4 clouds out of 5."

Jim says: "This is a fantastic app in every way. You are able to scroll through any video you have taken on your iPad (or iPhone or iPod), stop at any location and then create a photo from the still image that you are stopped at. The quality of the photo is only limited by the quality of your video. I tried this app with a low quality video I took of my son performing in a school program and then printed 5 photos I 'snapped.' I was very surprised at the quality of the photos and, after viewing the results, decided that I will be using this app quite often in the future. Think how wonderful this would be when you have students presenting in your class; you can record them presenting and then use any location in the video as a photo which you could save to their educational portfolio. Awesome and quick! I give this app 5 clouds our of 5."

Jim says: "It's kind of difficult to get excited about a stopwatch but this app is one that could be quite helpful in your classroom. It allows you to use a lap feature which lets you stop the time for individuals yet the timer keeps running. I was able to create 102 lap times which means that this would be wonderful for the classroom environment if you are doing individually timed activities. I really like the email feature because it allows you to email the timed results; you just need to know who the students are since it doesn't log student names. I give this app 5 clouds out of 5."