Kagan Cooperative Learning

Alexandra Stingo, 2nd Grade, Ware Elementary

Rally Robin

Math, Place Value

Social Skills

Example: 567

*Partner 1 - 5 is in the hundreds place and is worth 500

*Partner 2 - 6 is in the tens place and is worth 60

*Partner 1 - 7 is in the ones place and is worth 7

*Partner 2 - So 500 + 60 + 7 is equal to 567

**Put a new number on the board and partners switch roles.

Round Robin


Group Processing

*Each team member is assigned a word to be the "master" on (5 words each week, 5 members in a team)

*Team members go around in a circle and do the following with their word: say the word, give the definition, use it in a meaningful sentence, act out the word



Face to Face Interaction

*Teacher begins by playing music while students circulate around the classroom

*When the music stops, students put their hand up and pair with the student closest to them

*First round, each student shares a "water" landform with their partner and then acts it out (students cannot share the same landform)

*The teacher continues the music and the students circulate

*When the music stops, students hand up and pair up with the closest classmate

*Second round, students share a "land" landform with their partner and then act the landform out (cannot share the same landform as partner)


Reading (SFA)

Individual Accountability

**This occurs after students finish partner reading the assigned pages of the day

*Each team distributes the role cards (4)

*Students have 2 minutes to practice their assigned role

*When the timer goes off, student pair with their reading partner to discuss the answer.

(Peanut Butter and Jelly used to determine the order of sharing)

*After partners discuss, the whole team huddles to come up with a final answer for random reporter

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