The Corps of Discovery

The Journey to Discover the Louisiana Purchase Land

What information did the explorers bring back after the expedition?

Lewis & Clark found over 300 new species of animals unknown to science. They brought back the information to the colonies when they returned.
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By the end of July, they had traveled 600 miles up the Missouri River

This means that they traveled further and further each day.

The Faces of Sacagawea

No one ever saw Sacagawea. There is no evidence of what Sacagawea really looked like. There was no image of Sacagawea that was made in her lifetime. Because of this, no one knows what she looks like today.

Merriwether Lewis

President Jefferson named Lewis as the Commander of the Corps of Discovery. It states that Lewis was the leader of a 3-year-long expedition.

An American Serengeti

By the end of the 1880's, there were thought to be only 835 wild bison left in the U.S. This means that a lot of the bison that were found were slaughtered for their meat.