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Thought for the Week

"I wish not merely to be called Christian, but to be Christian." - Ignatius of Antioch

What do you believe?

This is the ultimate question that our Confirmands answered - and will answer again on Sunday - when they met with Session at the conclusion of our class. It is the ultimate question that we all, at some point or another, have to answer.

When is the last time you sincerely thought about that?

For most of us, it was probably the last time our beliefs were challenged or questioned. When we see headlines or inflammatory Facebook posts our moral outrage rears its head and we launch ourselves into the comment section. Incidentally, this is the source of one of history's most helpful maxims: never invade Russia in the winter, never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never get involved in a political debate on Facebook. Rarely do any of those things end well.

But in all seriousness, we often wait to update or refine our beliefs for events like a Presidential election when we feel as though we have to "take a side."

Big issues and pressing questions don't wait for the Presidential election cycle. They present themselves to us all the time. And those "big issues" are absolutely relative. What is important to us and bothers us in Middle School will certainly be different than what bothers us as young adults or as parents.

Why do we wait? Being able to say what you believe and why you believe it is a powerful experience. One that we often take for granted in the noise of ads and debates, where everyone stands up to say what they believe, this week.

Think about what your faith looked like in 9th grade (or now, if you're one of our younger readers) and consider how much you've changed since then. What do you still hold on to? What did you let go of?

I encourage you to take some time, before the next election, to try your hand at what the Confirmands took on this year. Spend a little time putting your thoughts onto paper. You may find that you surprise yourself!

- Liz

Upcoming Schedule

Confirmation Sunday Morning Schedule

  • Middle School Sunday School, 9:15 AM (Youth Room)
  • High School Sunday School, 9:15 AM (Dale Hall Classroom)
  • Confirmation & Contemporary Worship, 11:00 AM (Sanctuary)

Sunday Evening Schedule

  • Middle School Youth Group, 5:00 PM (Youth Room)
  • High School Praise Team, 5:30 (Sanctuary)
  • Middle School Praise Team, 6:30 PM (Sanctuary)
  • High School Youth Group, 7:00 PM (Youth Room)

Wednesday Evening Schedule

  • Youth Gathering, 7:00 PM (Youth Room)

Confirmation Sunday

This Sunday we will officially welcome this year's Confirmation Class into the Church as full members!

We hope you will join us at the 11:00 worship for this special service!

Service Opportunities

Highway Clean Up -- Saturday, April 30

The Church sponsors the clean up of a portion of Baltimore Pike and the Mission Committee would love to have a few Youth volunteers to join them on Saturday, April 30 from 9:00 AM - 12 Noon!

Banner Elk Fundraiser

The Summer Mission Trip Committee is looking for a few volunteers for a fundraising dinner on Sunday, May 22! The funds raised will help support the Habitat for Humanity project some of you will be working on this summer. If you're interested in helping out, please contact Liz, or Mr. Bob Young! We'll have more details about this event (and the trip!) coming soon!

If Banner Elk holds a special place in your heart, this is a great way to help out, months before we head down!

If you are part of an organization that requires volunteer hours (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Honor Society...), these are great opportunities to volunteer in your community and meet your requirements. If you need official confirmation for those hours, please contact Liz!


Parents and Friends -

If you are interested in volunteering with the youth, either in Sunday School or Youth Group, please email Liz!

You are welcome to join us as often as you are able!

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