Rhode island


Rhode Island is a awesome state in this state you will find fun facts, resources and places to visit. you can visit cool places and fun facts like state nickname and population and i hope you can travel to rhode island and also me.

''State Facts''

State Facts Rhode Island has many awesome facts such as State Shell, State Bird, and State Tree this marviousious state. Has this silly fact this one fact i learned was there State Shell did you know that the Quahogs these Shells dig holes and there. Little necks are from 12 to 21 inches long and also it has a bird that looks like a Rooster called the Rhode Island Red bird is the name its weights is from 7 to 9 Pounds!! and famers has though chickens. the State Tree is called Red Maple and the Tree's Nickname is called Red Maple Scarlet and also. I found a weird fact about this Tree it is 50 feet long and 15 meters tall and during the winter they bloom new Leaves.


Rhode Island has many natunal resources including live stock and rewable Resources. there is these fish that keeps people healthy. and there good to Rhode Island there is a jewerly is Rhode Island awesome product and they have gold diamonds and earings live stock and jewerly are some of Rhode Island Resources and. they also have some awesome toys that they make in Rhode Island has a toy company that sells millions of toys that they make Teddy bears and toy airplanes and flying disks these make childern happy and the toys are a amazing product and resources.

Rhode Island Fun Places to visit

Rhode Island has many great fun places to visit like a zoo and a place you can ride a.

Boat and a Amustmentpark ,such as food, and cotton candy, and the name of these places are called Roger Williams Park and Zoo. NewPort and Slater Mill historic Site and those are the Fun Places that you can visit at Rhode Island.

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Rhode island is a incredible and beautiful state. i have already told you about the fun facts and resources, and the great and cool landforms, and places to visit, and facts i wish you can go to the amazing unknow state rhode island.