Diane Warshay is the ultimate Love & Business Coach

Every year, millions of couples take on the challenges of starting a business together. For some, it’s the best decision they ever made. But for others, working, living and loving together 24/7 can be a total disaster.

Diane Warshay, a second generation love coach and business fixer likes to say, "the bedroom doesn't work when the boardroom doesn't work, and the boardroom doesn't work when the bedroom doesn't work!"

Raised by a Wall Street father and therapist mother, Diane was trained by the best. She has the ideal background and skill set to help overworked and under-appreciated couples rekindle their love lives and fix their failing business.

Throughout the series, we’ll see Diane working side-by-side with couples (married, lovers, gay, straight, transgender) getting her hands dirty. From the bedroom to the boardroom, Diane works side-by-side with couples addressing the challenges facing entrepreneurial couples, sharing actionable advice, proven business management strategies, and colorful bedroom guidance. Diane converts all the energy and passion these couples put into their businesses and harnesses it into their bedroom.

By day, we’ll see Diane fixing, renovating, redesigning and refurbishing CEO Couple businesses (chocolate company, surf shop, coffee company, surf shops, bar, restaurant, and beverage company, to name a few). Diane will transform struggling businesses by injecting these companies with new products, recipes, branding, marketing, logos, and distribution. Diane does it all.

By night, we'll see Diane rehabilitating, rejuvenating and reinvigorating failing love lives. Diane will select and curate new wardrobes, lingerie, grooming, diet and exercise regimes, romantic gestures, and inter-personal communication skills. Diane does it all.

Diane's "tough love" approach will transform lives, providing hope, inspiration, laughter, and fun. She helps couples achieve their dreams. She sends a clear message to all couples working and playing together:

"Believe in yourself and your capabilities as a couple, as a team"

"Two is one, one is none" in the boardroom, the bedroom and back"