August Already!

Finishing Up Discovery Camp

4 weeks left of Discovery Camp

This week is Games, Games, Games! Students are learning to count and identify letters and colors through some of our all time favorite games. We are also running our Kinder Camp session this week before all of our Kindergarten students leave.

Next week is Exploration of Art. Students will be working with every art medium you can think of! We will also introduce music and dance concepts during this theme.

Our last two weeks of Discovery Camp are Pirates and Back-to-School! We will also be using these two weeks to assess all of our new and current students. Mr. Dante has created a new assessment tool that we are so excited to use at the end of this month. Assessing all of our students lets us know where they are academically and helps us set our goals for where we want them to be at the end of the school year!

Farewell Graduates

To our amazing graduates,

We can't believe that your time with us has ended so soon. We have loved being a part of your lives. We loved watching you grow and learn everyday. We are so grateful to have had this time to teach you and learn from you. We know we can't keep you in our care forever (though we would if we could). We hope that we have given you all the tools to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond. Mostly we hope that we have given you a true love for learning that will stay with you forever. We know that you will all go on to do great things. You will all be missed. Good Luck in Kindergarten! WOW them all with what a Fusion Kid can do! Lastly, come back and visit us!

With Love,

Ms. Micheyl, Mr. Dante, Ms. Kelli & Ms. Erin


All Your Teachers