By: Lauren Morton and Skye Blalock

Physical Features By: Skye Blalock

1.Rural Moutain

2. Heaven on Earth Springs

3.Cagayan Valley

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The Climate By: Lauren Morton


2.Cool and kinda cold I would love to go in the summer because the tropical colors.

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Culture by Lauren Morton

Holidays are national heroes day

on August ,21. Eid Fitr July,7

Tranditions are music arts and literature.

Foods are : pork garlic sausage

Language: English and Fillpino

Religions: Roman Catholic

Schools: compuls

Sports: basketball boxing football and volleyball

The Philippians flag by Lauren Morton

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I would visit the tagaytay it is a island with a volcano it is beautiful by Lauren Morton

You should visit the tagaytay because it has a island and volcanos it. Is a beautiful outdoor place anyone would love to be there.
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Government: By: Skye B

Type:Democratic and Republican

Role of Citizens: monetarily Free

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Government having a Meeting👆🏻

Economy System By: Skye B

Literacy Rate: 950%

GDP Per capita: 6,962

Population: 99.4 million

Imports: 59.9 Billion

Exports:$50.72 billion

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Why should you visit here. By Skye b Lauren Morton

It's a beautiful place and it has very many educational things. Their is a rainforest their is a colorful place.
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When I would go their. Skye B and Lauren Morton

I would go their in summer so I could go to the Rainforest and during the summer it's really fun their is a beach and everything.
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Some pictures of the places☝🏻