Bardsley Gazette Thur, Oct. 6, 2016

Success 101 Fall 2016

Celebrate: Students online Wednesday were:

Amar, Maria, Demoniya, , Caitlin, TaVonte, Jevah,

Olivia, Jevah, Lacie, Daisy, Melanie, Cameron

They are working to succeed in Success101 class


Do pesky details matter in non-math courses?

Yes they do. To write a well thought out answer to an assignment, consider reading the lesson materials first (notes) before responding. As the teacher, I am looking for evidence that students read the notes, learned new objectives, and apply those new objectives to their response. For example, 5.1.3 requires the following details:

1. Name the stress again that you discussed in your Practice Activity.
2. For whatever that "stress" is from your Practice Activity, assess the EFFECTS of the stress!
3. Determine the

A) Effects on the Body

B) Emotional/Mental Effects. Explain.

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein

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