Buoyant force

Definition: an upward force causing objects to float.

agent: water

Receiver: paper boat

Effect: it floats

Direction: up

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Air or water pressure

Definition: the outward force caused by contained fluid.

Agent: water

Receiver: shower

Effect: the water comes out

Direction: out

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Definition: force that opposes the motion between 2 touching surfaces. Works against motion

Agent: floor

Receiver: tire

Effect: slows it down

Direction: against motion

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Normal force

Definition: the force perpendicular to an object's surface that results in support.

Agent: table

Receiver: book

Effect: it supports it

Direction: up

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Tension force

Definition: a force caused by a string, rope, or stretchy substance.

Agent: sting

Receiver: hand

Effect: string is stretched

Direction: inward

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