Mammals of the Museum

The Polar Bear

Introductuion to Polar Bears

The polar bear has evolved from a brown bear around 38 million years ago. There are about 19 species known in the world now. polar bears have a hard time walking even though they do walk its hard for them, thats why they do almost all their hunting in the water.polar bears can live between 15-18 years and can weigh up to 330-1200 lbs. the polar bear lives around the Arctic Circle in the cold climates. Polar bears are carnivores, so they eat meat.

Polar Bears Predators and behavior

Polar bears are at the top of the food chain which makes it hard for them to populate like the other species of bears. Ironically, the polar bear has no knows preditors in the wild. Polar bears are not usually agressive unless they r provoked, hungry or they have babies.