Immediate Concussion Effects

The 4 categories of concussions

1. Thinking or Remembering

Memorization and clear thinking may be impaired in multiple ways. You may have difficulty thinking or concentrating. You may feel that everything around you or you in general are slower than everything else. Lastly, you will not be able to retain new information.

2. Physical Effects

Physical effects commonly are headache or blurry vision. This is coupled with nausea or vomiting with sensitivity to light along with that. Lastly, you make become tired or groggy at random point throughout the day!

3. Symptoms involving Mood

Mood can be majorly swayed by concussions. Many moods that are affiliated with this problem are irritability, sadness, or even anxiety.

4. Sleep Effects

Sleeping becomes a major problem with concussions. You may have trouble falling asleep, or you may even sleep to much. This all depends on how your body deals with the concussion.


Concussions mess with your everyday life, you don't function nor act the same. When a football player stays in the game he is much more likely to mess up his life down the road with every play. Long term affects will be highlighted in the next genre!